10 Best LGBTQ+ Hairstyles


Your sexuality is a part of you, and you deserve to be able to express it freely and without judgment. Hair styling is one of the many ways members of the LGBTQ+ community across the world have come together to express themselves. From pride flag hair dye to sexy pixie cuts to gorgeous curls, your hairstyle can say a lot about who you are-and that’s a good thing! If you’re looking for a way to express your sexuality and personality in a positive way, styling your hair is the way to go! Below are our top ten LGBTQ+ hairstyles for you to choose from.

1. The Curly Undercut

The Curly Undercut is a growing style in the LGBTQ+ community. This hairstyle is very trendy and fun! The Curly Undercut should be grown out to resemble a thick pixie cut with a long end, shaped with a razor. There are several ways that one can grow their hair out to achieve this look-one of the most popular methods of growing your hair out is by using extensions.

2. The Tousled Taper Cut

This is a very daring cut, as it features only a small amount of hair at the top and a very short or shaved look. Depending on how much hair is left, this cut can be worn anywhere from the cheekbones to the waist. This is a fun and daring hairstyle that looks great for those with long hair, but it can also be worn for women who are growing out their pixie cuts or can’t grow their hair out due to medical conditions.

3. The Androgynous Undercut

The LGBTQ+ community has grown to embrace many different types of hairstyles, including men with long hair and men with shaved heads. Many men who identify as androgynous prefer to have close to no hair on their heads. This is a great option for those who want to express their sexuality through hairstyles without gender connotations! The androgynous undercut can go anywhere from the top of the ears down-or it can even be shaved on both sides.

4. The Choppy Pixie Cut

Some people enjoy rocking a hairstyle that is fun, daring, and a little bit crazy looking! If you’re one of those people, you should consider getting a choppy pixie cut. This hairstyle is trendy, unique, and edgy. It’s a great look for those who love to wear their hair long, but also want to make sure it would complement their face.

5. The Buzz Cut

There are many different types of buzz cuts in the LGBTQ+ community. One of the most popular buzz cuts is the more traditional buzz cut-this style features short hair on one side of the head with a longer section on the opposite side, usually grown out as well. This hairstyle goes well with any clothing items in your wardrobe and could be an option for those who want to sport this look whether at work or out with friends.

6. The Nape Undercut

The nape undercut is a trendy cut for those who want to express their sexuality through their hairstyle. This style involves long hair on both sides of the nape of the neck, giving it a natural look that is less in-your-face than other types of trends in the LGBTQ+ community. Some people are drawn to this style because they feel it’s a more natural and safe way to express themselves-and it’s definitely a great look!

7. The Pixie Bowl Cut

This haircut features short bangs at the front and longer ones on the back of your head, covering your ears. This style is cute, easy to do, and can be done on short hair. For those with longer hair, this cut can be completed by adding in layers, giving it a more natural look. This hairstyle goes great with any clothing item in your wardrobe and is one that you should consider for those who have difficulty styling their hair.

8. The Messy Combover

The messy combover is a hairstyle that gives the wearer the appearance of having no care for their appearance-but it’s really very different from that! The messy combover involves leaving long bangs at the front of a long haircut and wearing many different accessories as well as using products to keep your hair from becoming too tidy or organized.

9. The Bisexual Bob

The bisexual bob is a great way to express your sexuality through your hairstyle. This hairstyle features a graduated haircut, with longer hair at the top and shorter hair towards the bottom. The color of your hair can be anything you want it to be, but this cut is usually worn as blonde or brown. This is a fun and daring hairstyle that can be done on long hair or short hair and should be worn with confidence to show everyone just how much you love your sexuality!

10. The Shaved Side Cut

The shaved side cut has become one of the more popular haircuts for members of the LGBTQ+ community. It was first popularized by drag queens in the 80s and is still a popular thing to do today. The shaved side cut involves shaving the side of your head, giving you a more edgy and masculine look than others.

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