10 Points about Kindergarten You Need to Know Before Enrolling Your Child


For parents, enrolling their children in preschool can be challenging. Since it’s the beginning of their education, it is common to be concerned about whether the child can adjust to the new environment.

To cater to this problem, you must know about Kindergarten and prepare your student accordingly.

Make a note of these points before sending them to school.


  1. The Preschool Uniform

Before enrolling your children in Kindergarten, you must know about the school uniform. Visit the school and ask about the uniform from the teachers. Then, show the school uniform to the child and make him wear it daily to form a habit. If they get accustomed to wearing school uniforms every day during school timings, it won’t be difficult to prepare them for school.


  1. Kindergarten Children Come With Different Skill Sets

If you’re worried about whether your child has the primary skills and knowledge before joining Kindergarten, don’t be. Children enter preschools with different abilities and develop other essential skills over time with the teacher’s assistance.

The best international school in Riyadh has well-trained teachers who provide personalized attention to each student to improve their readiness. Yet, you can teach your children the ABCs of sound, color, and numbers before sending them to preschool to make them stand out from other children.


  1. Know About Kindergarten Teacher

Before enrolling your children in preschool, you should know about the teacher. You must communicate with them in advance to understand how they help children grow and develop. However, it is vital to remember that the teachers attend to over 20 children simultaneously during school hours. Therefore, do not rush to talk to the teachers. Instead, drop them a message or a mail and wait for them to revert. Once they revert, you can decide on a communication mode and set up a meeting with the teacher.


  1. Pre-school Environment

Children might find it challenging to adjust to the new environment in preschool. So, as a parent, you should first get familiar with the school’s environment. Scan and check what is present in the classroom. Also, know about the bathroom, playground, and cafeteria. If possible, take the tour with your child. It will help them transition easily.


  1. Stay Informed About Preschool Curriculum

Know about the preschool syllabus before enrolling your child in school. When your child returns from school, ask the child about what is taught in the class. This way, you can update yourself on which topics are being covered in school daily.


  1. Know What Needs To Be Carried to Pre-school

When enrolling your child in preschool, there are a few things you need to buy to make them ready for school. It involves pencils, gluesticks, books, and other supplies. The teacher might ask the students to carry extra stuff like colors, paints, etc. Know them before their preschool journey begins and prepare their bag accordingly from the first day.


  1. Socializing Skills Are Important

A child might or might not like to socialize with other children. However, socialization is vital in preschool. Toddlers who shy away from preschool might not have effective development like others. If you find your child to be a bit introverted, you can inform the teacher and collectively decide on a solution to the problem.


  1. Knowing to Read at Pre-school Is Essential

Your child must know how to read at preschool. As a parent, you can start reading with your child to help them learn the concepts faster. Sit with them, do fun activities together, and read a chapter with them for at least 20-30 minutes daily. This way, they will learn to read faster and better every day.


  1. Pre-school Conferences and Meetings

Pre-school conducts conferences and meetings to discuss the child’s progress and take the parent’s opinion regarding their studies at home. So, after enrolling your child, you can attend these conferences and meetings to learn about your child’s performance. Besides, you can also communicate with the teacher to learn how you can help your children master their weak areas.


  1. Pre-school Volunteering

Before registering your child’s name in a preschool, you can choose to become a volunteer in the class. This way, you can help the teacher manage the class and assist in school events. Meanwhile, you can take care of your child and show them the importance of education. Besides, you can show them social skills and give them a sense of community.



These are the ten things you need to know before enrolling your child in preschool. Once you know all the points stated above, you can become stress-free on your child’s first day of school. Besides, you can tell them about the preschool facilities and prepare them for the day.