There are many reasons to seek out plumbers one of the most common is a Blocked Drains Cammeray. An example of one that is the most frequent. From unpleasant odors to water that just doesn’t flow or flow through the sink, blocked drains are the main cause of every kind of minor issue. If the issues are allowed to escalate, however, things can turn pretty miserable.

If you think you may have an obstruction in your drain The good news is that you might be able to remove the blockage yourself. Following our suggestions, you’ll be able to get everything flowing easily within a matter of minutes.


Signs Of A Drain That Is Blocked

Drains that are blocked can cause damage to your property as well as health issues for pets and people. The first signs that indicate blocked drains are:


Odor Of Foul

The first thing you might be able to detect is a distinct smell. Most of the time, it smells like sewage, and you could walk into your bathroom and wonder if anyone did not flush the toilet. Other indicators of blocked drainage include:



You’re probably familiar with everything that flows through your pipes. It’s very alarming to see water leak back into. When your drainage is filling up it means that you’re dealing with an obstruction.


The Sound Of Gurgling

A gurgling sound indicates that water is getting a little too big in the pipeline and pushing it against. If you notice this, it’s usually the case that there’s a blockage is the cause of the issue.


Slow Draining

After emptying your sink or showering You may observe that the water is soaking longer than you expected. The problem usually gets worse instead of improving on its own, which indicates it is getting bigger.


The Causes Of A Drain Blocked

While most people are using their drains correctly but it’s still possible to make a mistake. Sometimes, the everyday use of drains results in blocked drains, too. The most common causes are:


Roots Of Trees

Tree roots aren’t the reason for drainage issues in your area However, they could cause disruption to your main sewer system. The roots grow until it reaches the pipe, causing an obstruction.



While toiletries are necessary, however, certain types of toiletries can cause obstructions to drains. For instance, nappies diapers, baby wipes, and hygiene products shouldn’t be flushed down toilets.


Foreign Objects

If you have children there’s always the chance that they’ll flush something odd into the toilet. Things like toys and other objects are entangled in the u-bend, which results in obstruction.


Cooking Oil

Under no circumstances is it advisable to put cooking oil in the sink as it is too viscous to move freely. Instead, it collects and forms clumps along with food debris, causing an obstruction.


Food Scraps

Similar to cook oil and food waste, kitchen scraps shouldn’t need to be drained from your drains. This is especially true for coffee grounds.


Mineral Buildup

When calcium and other minerals build in your pipes, they cause constriction. While this isn’t likely to cause a blockage by itself, it makes it more likely for other kinds of blockages to develop.



While liquid soap is unlikely to cause blockages in drains, however, soapy bars may be trapped in pipes, and eventually, fall apart. One method to prevent it from taking place is to put up wire guards that mesh to cover the plug holes.



Hair that is long can be an opportunity and a curse. If you wash it in the shower or bath and you’ll notice that some of it fall out. When it does it gets mixed with other substances, and eventually becomes an important cause for the blockage of your drain.


Natural Debris

Natural debris can end up in your drains in outdoors, particularly in the absence of gutter guards. It is usually leaves and twigs, but it could also include dirt and grit, too.


Cat Litter

If cat litter is exposed to water, it becomes clumpy and expands. This means that every cat’s litter that goes into your drain will cause the blockage.


How To Clear A Blocked Dryer

How you get rid of the blocked drain will be contingent on the cause of the blockage in the first instance. There are a variety of options for home remedies. It is possible that you must try the various options before calling in a plumber.


Boiling Water

Boiling water can be useful in blocking drains that are due to conditioner, grease, and other types of products for toiletries. The reason for this is that these products have a lower melting point and extreme temperature helps break them down. Bring a kettle to a boil and pour it into the drain to clear the obstruction.


Natural Cleaners

You can make use of natural cleaners to produce a bubbling effect that breaks blockages in the drain in two. Pour hot water into the drain, and then you can follow it up with a cup of bicarbonate of sodium as well as a glass of vinegar. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before chasing it with hot water. A mixture of boiling water with the cleanser mixture will break down blockages.


Caustic Cleaners

Certain stores offer caustic cleaners that have stronger action against blockages in drains. It dislodges fat, grease, and oils, making it the ideal solution for blockages that are more difficult to clear. Always follow the directions on the package and make sure to ventilate the area prior to beginning.



A simple but effective device, plungers help to remove local obstructions. They function by creating an envelope around the hole, which is followed by an effect of vacuum that eliminates the obstruction.


Diy Drain Snake

You can build a DIY drain snake from any metal wire of any thickness like an old coat hanger. Attach a hook to the end, and place it inside the hole in the plug. Make use of it to take out blockages that are localized and comprised of hair. This technique is very effective in showers.


Plumbers Drain Snake

Drain snakes for plumbers are sophisticated devices that only professionals is required to use. They can penetrate deeper into your pipes and eliminate blockages deep in the system. They are usually reserved for clogs that conventional methods aren’t able to tackle.



If snaking doesn’t do the job, we can make use of CCTV to determine the location of the blockage and how large it is. This typically involves placing a camera along using a device like drain snakes. We will then determine the extent of the blockage and develop an action plan to remove it.



Hydro jets employ rapid and powerful bursts of water to eliminate particles and other materials from pipes. Sometimes, we have to apply this method using different methods of removing blockages in drains However, it’s a safe method to eliminate the majority of the issue.



If there are severe blockages to drains, excavation may be required. This involves digging into the drain to ensure that we can fix or replace a portion of the pipework. While this method may not be necessary in every case however it can help protect the remaining pipework from severe damage.


Relining Pipes

If your pipes have been damaged due to a long-lasting blockage, pipe relining can be an effective and cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire pipe. We employ the most flexible tools and resins to reline the pipe once we have removed the obstruction.


The reason for blocked drains is a myriad of reasons. While some of them are obvious, some might not be thought of. If you are noticing obvious indications such as gurgling sound slow draining, or unpleasant smells, you can try one of the remedies we’ve provided. If they do not perform, it’s time to get a plumber on the job. You Can Call Blocked Drains Cammeray, we are always ready to help you 24*7.