10 Travel Tips and Things To Know Before Visiting Bahamas For First Time


Postcard-perfect beaches, crystal-clear waters, and many resorts make the Bahamas a popular destination for millions of tourists each year, especially vacationing Americans and cruisers.

The Bahamas offers more than chic resorts, consisting of 700 islands, 31 inhabited. This country has a vast range of historical, cultural, and natural attractions, but like most Caribbean islands, it is not a cheap destination to explore.


Luckily, while you can come here to splurge, you don’t have to go home broke if you plan to. There are plenty of things to see and do that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Whether visiting for the first time or returning, read on for tips and tricks and all the fun things to do on the Bahamas Vacation. Hopefully, this leads to a fulfilling journey:

  1. Best Time To Visit The Bahamas

In the Bahamas their summer (December to April), there is less rain than usual. However, the rains are almost uninterrupted in winter (May to November). Therefore, the best time for most tourists to visit the Bahamas is from December to April due to more accessible transportation.

  1. Is it safe in the Bahamas?

Suppose you are travelling from a western or European country to the Bahamas. If you are vigilant and act responsibly, you will have no problem; use common sense. For example, try to be careful when withdrawing cash from ATMs; avoid walking around at night and take a taxi instead. Then yes! It is safe to travel to the Bahamas.

  1. Be Aware Of Bank Hours

Bank opening hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ATMs are installed, usually in casinos and commercial banks. Most of the islands are equipped with ATMs+ Cirrus systems. The banking system is quite ideal and favourable. However, it’s always better to be ready in advance and stick to the schedule when it comes to withdrawing cash and converting tickets.

  1. Keep the Necessary Documents Handy

It’s a simple rule to ensure you have all the required documents when travelling abroad. Prepare with the correct forms of identification and the right currency. Keep the necessary documents handy at the customs office or during check-ins. Also, prepare your passport before departure to avoid problems, as obtaining a passport takes time. Make sure it’s valid for six months after the trip. You may be required to present proof that you will be returning home, so be sure to be prepared to show your return airfare when entering the Bahamas.

  1. Follow the Eastern Time Zone.

The Bahamas follows the Eastern Time Zone. The Bahamas has adopted the new DST policy since March 2007, like many other developed countries like Canada or the United States. Every year, on the second Sunday at 2 a.m. in March, daylight saving time begins and ends on the first Sunday at 2 a.m. in November.

  1. Enjoy The Nightlife In The Bahamas

Nightlife is excellent in the Bahamas All-inclusive. The parties start late; everyone likes to drink and dance the night away, especially in Nassau. Many locals head to bars and clubs to party. Drink prices are around 8-10 USD. Most party bars and clubs are in the capital of the Bahamas and can charge a $20 entry fee.

  1. Driving on the left in the Bahamas

Cars drive on the left side of the Bahamas since they are a British colony. So if you’re renting a car or 2 person paddle board, make sure you’re driving in the right direction in the Bahamas.

  1. Be careful when in the boat

There will be many activities around boating. Ensure you have enough food, snacks, and supplies unless otherwise specified. Ensure the people guiding you have a good map or know the area. Ensure you have a coast guard approved safety gear and that the engine and everything else are fully maintained and running.

  1. Street vendors all over the Bahamas

You will find street vendors in the Bahamas at all times on the beach and during your walks in the Bahamas. Tropical fruits, coconut water, and snacks you can buy from them. Street vendors will also offer rentals such as a jet ski.

  1. Food

Food: Bahamian cuisine favours seafood (such as lobster, crab, and fish), tropical fruits, potatoes, pigeon peas (a legume), rice, and pork. Conch is considered the national dish.

Pigeon peas and rice are a popular side dish for meals, as is baked crab (with the crab cooked inside its shell and served with an egg). While travelling, you can look for street vendors that serve dishes such as conch fritters or tropical fruit smoothies.

There is a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Bahamian cuisine. Expect to pay around 20 Bahamian dollars per meal for most restaurants or around 70 Bahamian dollars for more expensive places.

Bahamas Travel Tips Frequently Asked Questions.

What should I avoid in the Bahamas?

One should avoid taking a stranger’s elevator and leaving valuables behind by the pool while swimming while travelling in the Bahamas.

Do you tip in the Bahamas?

Staff generally expects a tip in the Bahamas, usually 10-15% here.

How many days do you need to stay in the Bahamas?

It is necessary to plan a trip of at least 4 to 5 days to enjoy the different places of the Bahamas.