5 Stunning Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Amazing

Different braid styles
5 stunning box braid styles to try

Braids hairstyles provide an excellent opportunity to extend your hair, add color to it, and wear versatile braid styles that look elegant but are extremely simple to achieve. This is also a protective hairstyle for natural hair that requires minimal upkeep.

Different braid styles can be styled in a variety of ways! Whether you’re trying a box braids style for the first time, want it braided differently, or want some pretty individual braid ideas, this guide will provide you with plenty of attractive options.


1. Beautiful Box Braids Updo

virgin hair bundles
Look chic and styling in this updo braid style

I can’t take my gaze away from this high bun with loose curls and braids. It beautifully frames the face and softens the bold high bun style. The style is beautiful and gives you a chic look with defined braids.


2. Knotless Brown Braids

virgin remy hair bundles
Brown braided bob for a fresh look

Combined with black hair, the golden-brown color can appear dramatic and bold. The gelled hairline adds to the appeal of this hairstyle. The braided bob style is simple to achieve and flatters women of all face shapes. You can achieve this look by dying your virgin remy hair bundles brown and blending them in.


3. Box Braids With Curly Ends

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Look stunning in these braids plus curly ends

Loose ends are unique to spice up the knotless braids. With the loose curly ends, the style can let you stand out from the crowd. The braid style looks flawless, with braids from the roots and curly hair at the ends. You can also have a chic braid and fuller curls at the tips.


4. Cornrow Braids in Platinum Blonde

how to dye bundles blonde
Striking platinum blonde cornrow braid style

When it comes to long braids, experimenting with color is incredibly simple. There’s no need to be concerned about dye and bleach – if you’ve always wanted to try bold colors like platinum blonde, now is the time. How to dye bundles blonde allows you to easily dye your hair and achieve this platinum blonde cornrow style.

5. Jumbo Knotless Braids

braid patterns,
Long and thicker jumbo box braid style

With this braided style, you can maintain an impressive and lovely appearance. The thick braids differ from other box braid styles in that they allow for longer and thicker braids.

Jumbo braids are interesting and have a retro feel, but keep in mind that large plaits can be heavy and may pull around the edges. The size is not suitable for wearing a high bun or an updo. It’s best to rock them down long and free.


All of these looks are great, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks from time to time. After you’ve braided your hair, try different braid patterns such as statement-making buns, high ponytails, twists, and braids on braids.