I have a slow broadband, so it is painful having to not leave the app so I can do something else while it pulls down the next issue.
If I do leave the app for any reason, before the download completes, returning to the app it has to start all over again!
I think we should also have a way to send feedback separate from these reviews.
Clicking “Email Support” sends an automated fault log (which was unexpected), and there is no separate feedback button.
Yes, there are gripes and they would be easy to fix if there is the will, but in general this app does what it says on the tin: enables the user to read their digital subscription to the Mail newspaper.
The alternative is to use the web. The News is divided into 20 desks, most led by one to three editors who typically have a year of experience in their respective area.
Columns typically run 700-800 words, while letters to the editor run 400-500 words.
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Why not have an option to turn off the on-screen timer, and another to turn off the announcement of your time when completed?
My favourite aspect of the app is the puzzles which are great fun and got me through lockdown.
I have also noticed the app had a re-branding which has made the quality of the app much better – also more easy to distinguish from the other Daily Mail breaking news app (which I also have).
Happy customer :)Have been using this App for several years.
After an age ringing support they got me back up and running two days later!
As I still have two weeks left before auto renew that is obviously wrong.
My subscription is with the Mail directly so one step forward two back.