15 Facts You Never Knew About 25th Island Of Greece.

25th Iceland in Greece

The 25th island of Greece is called Thasos and is located in the northeastern Aegean sea. Despite its small size, it actually has a lot of fascinating facts that you never read about in your school books.

Here are 15 facts you never knew about the Greek island of Thasos:
Here are 15 more interesting facts about the Greek island of Thasos to liven up your summer reading:
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  1. The Island of Thasos is near the island of Syros and the Greek island of Paros
    With a population of around 70,000, Thasos is the fifth most populated island in Greece
  2.  It’s true that Thasos has more than its fair share of beaches, but it also has miles and miles of trails for hiking and biking
    There are about 2,000 churches on Thasos
  3.  Thasos has a vibrant nightlife, featuring everything from pubs to dance clubs to discos and bars
  4.  There are more than 100 archaeological sites on Thasos, including the hill-top town of Vathy with its castle ruins
  5. Thasos is like a microcosm of ancient Greece with ruins dating back 2500 years. Not only that, but this island is the birthplace of many historic Greek figures, such as Alexander The Great
  6. This island also contains one of the largest shipwrecks in the entire Aegean, which is over 150 years old
  7. In the 1980s, a decades-long battle for ownership of the island was waged between Thasos residents and the Greek military (which ran a radar station on Thasos). The conflict was finally resolved in 1992, with civilians acquiring much of the land
  8. The island is also home to one of the most well-known archaeological sites in Greece, which is called Sykamnos. This site contains an ancient town wall and a 5000-seat theater that has been excavated and restored
  9. Thasos produces a lot of wine, oranges, figs, and olives. The grapes grown on Thasos are used to make three different kinds of wines: Agiorgitiko, Mavrotragano, and Robiola
    28. Thasos is also the home of the famous Fteri winery and varieties like Robiola, Athiri, Diapanto, and Assyrtiko
  10. The island has no airport, so everyone travels there via ferry
  11. There are many beaches on Thasos, but there are also a number of historical sites…and that’s one thing that makes Thasos so unique
  12. Thasos has many spectacular beaches, but some of the most popular ones are called Agios Prokopios (Sun God) and Agios Petros (St. Peter). These are located near the villages of Kokkini Ammos and Megalochori
  13. You may have seen the famous resort island of Santorini in movies and advertisements, but Thasos is officially the “Athens of the Aegean”
  14. There are many different types of fish that can be found in the waters around Thasos. The most popular is the Thracian Fish
  15. The island also has an abundance of other fauna including seals, sea turtles, dolphins, and whales
  16. including a temple called Agios Theseus, a stadium and agora that dates back to 1400 B.C., and the ruins of ancient Vathy with its castle ruins