Interior house painting might seem to be an easy job but even a single mistake can lead to a lot of problems. For this, you can hire residential painters in Melbourne that will do wonders for your home by avoiding these following mistakes and provide you with the best building painting services.

residential painters in Melbourne

  1. Lack of preparation: In order to achieve the best coverage you need to make sure that the prep work is done correctly as it will save a lot of time and reduce costs. This includes removing peeling paint and glossy surfaces, cleaning the walls waiting for it to dry.
  2. Over brushing: avoid excessive brushing over woodwork, doors or cabinet in order to get the smoothest finish. A professional interior house painter will not use more than 3-4 strokes over each section of the wall as brush marks would appear after the paint has dried due to over-brushing.
  3. Painting in extreme temperatures: It is unfavourable to paint during extreme climatic conditions as the paint will dry and crack up if it is too hot while it will be wet for days if it is too cold and hence change the colour uniformity. 40-50 degree Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for house painting so you must reschedule your projects accordingly.
  4. Not using paint samples: You must always try out a colour before purchasing as the paint might look completely different once applied on a wall. Hence, you can always put a second layer and let it dry to observe the texture of the paint.
  5. Painting the ceiling last: The ceiling must always be painted before the walls as the new paint job on the walls might be spoiled from the ceiling.
  6. Using thick paint: A suitable paint conditioner can be used to thin out the paint for even application on areas like wooden surfaces or textured walls.
  7. Leaving the paint exposed to air: Keeping the tray/tin exposed for too long will cause the paint to dry or thicken quickly. Carefully pour small quantities of paint in the tray and ensure that the paint is fitted properly.
  8. Using dirty tools: Achieve a perfect finish by ensuring that the brush/roller is clean to avoid any unevenness or marks by the debris on the tool, once the paint is dried.
  9. Painting in dim light: Ensure painting interior surfaces in in bright light or the light you use the most as you may find imperfections and a completely different colour or finish in a dim light.
  10. Using a tape:Use a tape on the windows or doorframes to get a clean and a perfect finish. The tape should ideally be kept for an hour or else it will lead to peel offs which will have to be removed by heating up the adhesive using a dryer and rolling it away with your fingers.
  11. Using a primer: It is essential to use a primer which is time consuming but ensures that the paint colour is intact and shines through hence, providing a long lasting finish. Traditional primers must always be applied on a new drywall or a wood whether concrete or plaster before you paint.
  12. Painting on a wet surface: Painting on a wet surface can lead to problems like peeling and blistering. Hence, it is important to leave the walls to dry after washing especially during humid weather.
  13. Painting on rotten surfaces: Use a compound to hide imperfections on the walls and let it dry. Replace the rotten wood before applying a fresh coat of a paint.
  14. Using wrong tools: An interior house painter will always have the perfect knowledge to select tools based on their application and purpose as sometimes it is better to use a roller than a paint brush. It is required to invest in quality rollers and brushes that are dense and allows even application. A cheap roller or a brush can shed bristles and make the paint look more uneven.
  15. Keeping touch-up paint: Always keep some extra paint for touch up to avoid having any unmatched walls.

Ready to get started with the paintwork? Hiring experienced residential painters in Melbourne can ease out your stress and leave a lasting finish everytime. Blue Sky Coatings have been professionally transforming spaces with their best interior house painting services in Melbourne and the enhancing the interiors of your house.

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