3 Hidden Travel Spots in Hunter Valley That You Must Visit

This blog discusses the top hidden places to visit and things to do in the hunter valley. It briefly mentions the importance of choosing the right car or bus service to travel safely

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Hunter valley welcomes a lot of visitors in all seasons because of its beautiful travel locations. In Sydney, the hunter valley is popular for its wineries, breweries, restaurants and so much more. Whoever comes to visit this historic place falls in love with it for the right reasons! Another great part about touring the Hunter Valley, you won’t have difficulty in searching for car or bus services. There are plenty of safe and comfortable travel options available in the valley, so, all you have to worry about is having fun! The best part about these travel services is they are local-based. When you travel with a local, you will get great insights on the best spots to visit and some hidden gems too.

In this blog, I have compiled a list of the best less populated hidden gems of the Hunter Valley that you must add to your to-visit list!

What are the 3 ‘Best Kept Secret’ Places in the Hunter Valley?

Wine Making at Whispering Brook

There are several hunter valley wine tours you can make, but keep Whispering Brook at the top of the list. Most of the hunter valley wineries offer you a great wine tasting experience but this one lets you be a part of the wine-making process. Incredible, isn’t it? Whispering Brook has been serving delicious wine to all tourists and locals in the area for a long time and to be a part of their unique wine-making process is indeed delightful. This place is a 20 minutes’ drive from Pokolbin and can be easily accessed by any of the safest hunter valley shuttle bus service. Choose the shuttle bus service or the car service depending on the number of guests you have along with you.

If you want to enjoy a personal tasting experience with a lot of warmth and love from the staff, this hunter valley winery tours is the place to go. The staff of this winery is friendly and kind while teaching you the wine-making process. Who knows, when you are back to your hometown, your own wine-making hobbies might start growing!

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Picnicking in the Vines!

Is there any other way to spend your lazy afternoons than having a small cozy picnic in the beautiful hunter valley vines? I’d think, not! My personal favourite would be Tyrell’s located in Pokolbin. When you sit here with your friends and family, the beautiful and stunning hilltops nearby will offer you all the relaxation that you require from this holiday!

This is one of the romantic spots to tour too. Having a partner along with you to this spot will make it more special. My personal recommendation would be to bring a bottle of wine along to make it a perfect date. Pick any of your favourite ones while on a hunter valley winery tours and bring them to the vines.

If you are taken the aid of the trusted shuttle bus or car service, it will be easier for you to roam around this spot. Other than the vines, you can also enjoy the Smelly cheese shop, Hunter Valley Olive Co, nearby wine tour Hunter Valley and so much more.

hunter valley cheese tasting

Go Cheese Tasting!

I will sincerely judge you if cheese tasting is not on your list in the hunter valley tours! Just kidding. Most of the tourists who come to the hunter valley for a vacation love to go to cheese tasting events. You will find a lot of options to pick from in this valley for cheese tasting events. Since there are a number of shops available, it’s better if you choose the one that sells your favorite cheese. But hey, if you are someone who loves adventures, don’t be afraid to try out all the different varieties available! Hunter Valley is famous for five varieties of cheese blue cheese, curd, brie, soft blue cheese, and vintage cheddar. The basic tasting experience is quite affordable so if you are a fan like me, visit these shops again and again!

Another important thing you have to note about these events is they stretch far too long. Book a good car or bus service like Martin Tours & Transfers to help you come back to your hotel safely after the event ends.

These spots and thing-to-do will surely enrich your hunter valley tour experience. Apart from these few pointers, ask the locals for suggestions. It would be best to ask your private driver too. They will be able to share authentic information on the places to visit and the things to do in the hunter valley.