3 Red Flags You Need to Watch Out For While Hiring Custom Home Builders

This blog discusses the red flags that every homeowner should look out for while hiring any of the custom home builders.

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Are you planning a custom home building for you and your family? Then this article is just for you. Building a custom home or even making major renovations isn’t a cheap deal. It is understandable when homeowners want to choose the best construction company for the job. However, there are many signs that you need to look out for while selecting a home builder.

If you get stuck with an inexperienced and unskilled professional, the whole building process will go to sham. Not to mention you will lose out on a lot of money unnecessarily. Instead of hiring unprofessional services, get the ones that will enrich your experience and give you a perfect home.

Want to know more about the warning signs you need to look out for while deciding on your Vancouver home builders? Read on further down!

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Red Flag No. 1

Lack of Client References in Their Profile

When you go for a new custom home, it will likely be one of the greatest investments of your life. Not to mention, this home will become a safe space where you spend the most amount of time. So, it’s non-negotiable that your home should provide comfort and make your living experience a good one. For these reasons, and more, you need to get in touch with an experienced Vancouver home builders company that has provided their previous clients with the same comfort and luxury that you want to experience now.

In some cases, some builders do not have portfolio to share. And in other cases, they have ‘friends’ who they have worked with, and this becomes a part of their portfolio. You mustn’t invest your money in such companies. It means that they are not really experienced and are pretending to show that they have a portfolio to lure you. Experienced professionals build years and years of trust with their customers to have a solid portfolio to show. In these portfolios, you will get to see the kind of work that they have done and what they specialize in. Depending on the kind of service they offer, you can choose the best builders Vancouver.

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Red Flag No. 2

Lack of Communication

One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have regarding custom home builders is that they do not respond to their calls or emails. No matter how big the company is, they won’t make you hound after them unless they are novices who don’t actually know the kind of work that they do. After talking about quotes, or taking advances, they stop responding to your queries. They won’t read your texts, return phone calls, or even make a survey to your current location. All of these and more boil down to the fact that they are unreliable and are not worth investing in.

Skilled builders of Vancouver have a team of architects and designers that work closely with you in all situations to make sure you and your family are comfortable and understand every aspect of your custom home building. Unless and until they solve your doubts or work on each of your requirements, they do not start with the work.

So, while booking custom home builders make sure that you understand where and how they will be available. Ask them questions like, “Do you prefer to mail or phone calls during work hours for solving my doubts?”. Do not forget to ask for alternative numbers in case the primary one doesn’t work. This way you can skip this major red flag while selecting the right company and not waste your hard-earned budget on unreliable ones.

no fix quotation

Red Flag No. 3

Not Giving an Exact Quote

Many customers have dealt with such construction companies that do not have a fixed price and keep on changing it with every passing day. Arnold, a 35-year-old man who wanted a custom homemade, faced the same issue. He said,” At first everything was going well with the builders I booked. But as the building date came closer, they hiked the prices by 35%! To say, I was shocked was an understatement. Immediately I cancelled my booking and got a different builder for my commercial building requirements,” Like Arnold, you too need to steer clear of these companies who change their quotes to get more money out of your pockets. A professional builder will stay fixed on one budget instead of shifting it time and again.

Looking for reliable builders? Among others consider Roadhouse HomesWhoever that is you choose for building your perfect dream home, make sure they are safe and secure and don’t have any of the above-mentioned red flags.