Uranium is one type of raw material that can be used as an energy source, namely a source of electrical energy.

Apart from being a source of nuclear energy , uranium which has radioactive elements is also used in the fields of medicine, the military, agriculture and food storage.

As a heavy chemical element, Uranium contains a lot of substances and is easily found all over the world.

This silver – colored mineral is used as an energy source for nuclear power plants .

Among the countries in the world, the following are the largest uranium producing countries.

1. China

Although it has abundant uranium content, the production of chemical substances in this country is not too much.

The mineral industry is not the main one in China , as per 2014 China only produced 39,849 tons of uranium .

2. Canada

Canada is one of the largest uranium producing countries in the world with resources of around 514,000 tons.

With this production, Canada will have an important role in meeting the world’s demand for Uranium in the future.

Nearly 85 percent of Canadian uranium production is exported, while the remainder is used to fuel nuclear reactors .

The main sources of Uranium production in Canada are from the MacArthur River and Lake Ciga in the North Saskatchewan Province.

3. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the world’s leading producer of uranium which is used for the world’s nuclear program .

Uranium exploration in this country started in 1943 until now which is estimated to have 17 Uranium mines and 50 deposits spread across six provinces.

With the spread of uranium mines in Kazakhstan , this country is able to produce thousands of tons per year.

4. Australia

Uranium production in Australia has experienced a significant increase which is estimated to reach 1,780,800 tonnes in 2015.

As much as 24 percent of the Uranium content on Earth is in Australia which is spread over South Australia , Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia .