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Oral hygiene is a complex matter. It does not merely require you to brush two times a day and avoid sugary food, it also involves controlling lifestyle factors that can make or break your oral health. Eating lots of processed food and having lax oral hygiene can have a negative impact on your gum and teeth health, but so can daily habits. 

Your general health, lifestyle choices, and genetic background also determine how healthy your teeth will be. Therefore, it is best to adopt healthy habits that support a hygienic oral regimen. Make it a point to visit a doctor in case your oral hygiene deteriorates. You can connect with Emerdency to get quick and easy access to an emergency dentist in Blackburn or other adjacent areas

Things That Have An Impact On Your Oral Health:

Here are some lifestyle factors that you probably did not think could improve or deteriorate your oral hygiene. 

  • Sleep Position:

Your sleep position can also be a cause of sleep apnea and teeth grinding. You probably did not know it, but when you sleep on your back, your nighttime teeth grinding may be promoted. On the other hand, if you find that you are grinding your teeth at night but do not have sleep apnea, it is appropriate to sleep on your back to reduce your grinding and clenching. 

Get a sleep examination done to clarify whether you are suffering from sleep apnea or not. This will help you determine what is the most ideal sleep position for you. You may also visit a dentist to get a nightguard. This will protect your enamel from damage but will not reduce pressure, causing strained and inflamed gums. So it is best to ask your dentist to provide you with a long-term solution.

  • Taking Stress:

Excess stress creates a voluntary stiffness in your neck, shoulder, and jaw region. The impact of this can also transfer to your mouth, making you clench your teeth throughout the period of stress. If the situation escalates, the teeth clenching can become a nighttime ritual. The constant grinding and clenching can lead to a worn-out enamel. 

Additionally, some people tend to snack vigorously during their stressful episodes, which can expose your oral cavity to excessive amounts of starch and sugars. You may even feel unmotivated to brush your teeth or floss while you worry about an upcoming exam or a life-changing event. 

Taking too much stress can also cause acid reflux, which is likely to end up in enamel erosion or tooth decay. Dry mouth is one of the oral symptoms associated with an increased level of stress. 

  • Caffeine Intake:

While sugar beverages have a tendency to damage your oral health, excess intake of coffees, teas and lattes can also have negative effects on your hygiene. 

Whether your coffee is caffeinated or non-caffeinated, if you sip on it all day long, its acidity will start to take a toll on your enamel(tooth surface). The acidic properties, when combined with the lactose sugar (in milk) is likely to become a source of bacterial growth in your mouth. 

Another thing to consider is that caffeine is a diuretic, which means it can dehydrate you if consumed in high amounts. This increases the chances of developing a dry mouth that is low in acid-neutralising saliva. This liquid is essential as it helps to deliver helpful minerals to the teeth to improve their strength and endurance. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your coffee and tea intake within an acceptable level.

  • Gum Chewing:

If you are someone who loves to chew on gums frequently, you may be putting tension on your jaw. While sugar-free gums can help keep the PH of your oral environment neutral and keep the saliva flowing, it can also lead to nighttime teeth grinding. This can end up wearing the surface of your teeth and making them prone to erosion and chipping. 

Here are the four lifestyle practices that are likely to have an impact on your oral health. It is best to counter any unhealthy habits that can cause teeth grinding, unhealthy enamel, or cavity formation. 

If you suffer from poor oral health, you can get in touch with an emergency dentist in Accrington or other adjacent areas to eradicate this issue. Visit Emerdency to avail the services of the most professional dentists at the most reasonable rates.