Mukteshwar Visiting Places

The North-Indian state of Uttarakhand is known for its many tourist destinations and beautiful hill stations nestled amidst the slopes of the mighty Himalayas. Mukteshwar, a hilly town in Uttarakhand is where you need to be this summer. The untouched raw beauty of nature coupled with mesmerizing landscapes, pristine weather, and a surreal feeling will make every second of your trip memorable.  If you are headed towards this charming town for your next vacation, here are the top 5 tourist attractions in Mukteshwar that are a must-visit.

  1. Mukteswara Dham: 

Of the many Mukteshwar visiting places, the Mukteshwar Dham is dedicated to the worship of the Hindu god, Shiva is arguably one of the most awe-inspiring destinations. The architecture on the walls of the temple will leave you speechless. Believed to be over 350 years old, this tourist attraction in Mukteshwar is situated at a lofty height of 2312 meters and remains proof of the ancient cultural and religious heritage of India. You have to take a flight of steps to reach the temple where the most beguiling experience awaits you.

  1. The Chauli Ki Jali Rock: 

Chauli Ki Jhali is essentially a cliff known for its scenic beauty and as a popular Mukteshwar visiting place for sight-seers. The rock is often frequented by adventurers and tourists who can trek to Chauli Ki Jhali from the Mukteswar temple as well. Rock climbing and Rappelling are two popular activities that many tourists come here for.

  1. Dhanachuli Bend: 

If the main purpose of your trip is to find some respite from the humdrum of your urban life, Dhanachuli Bend is the perfect tourist attraction in Mukteshwar for you. Only a 10 km drive from the main town, this area gives you the most soul-stirring views of majestic snow-capped Nada, Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot mountain peaks.

  1. Bhalu Gadd Falls: 

There is no better way to spend a lazy afternoon than to pay a visit to one of the most iconic Mukteshwar visiting places— the Bhalu Gaad Falls. The waterfall comes down from a height of 60 feet and creates a misty, ethereal ambiance that will transport you to a different world of its own.

There are a bunch of highly exciting tourist attractions in Mukteshwar that make it one of the top destinations for every travel bucket list. So when are you coming to Mukteshwar?