A lot of times, people tend to do job hop in the hopes of achieving greater career progression. They hope to be recognized for their efforts in trying to excel in their career.


However, there comes a time when you might feel that you have been stuck in the very same role, all because you did not want to leave your comfort zone. The only thing that’s stopping you from leaving the job, is your salary, bonus, and benefits.


No matter what type of job you are working in, you need to realize that you are no longer growing in your career. The sooner you realize this, the better it will be.Of course, you should not jump onto the internet via your Rise Broadband internet connection, and start applying for a new job.


You should sit and analyze why you are experiencing slow growth in your career and how to overcome it. This is exactly what we will be sharing in this article, and we hope by the end of it, you will know how to enjoy growth in your career again.


Shall we?

Your Job Bores You

If you feel that your work is not challenging anymore and is very much mundane, there is a good chance that your job will no longer make you productive. This can recur, having you making mistakes, as you are not putting in the right amount of effort.


So, how can you deal with it?


Well, a good way would be to speak to your manager to assign you different tasks so that you feel productive. When you let your manager know that you feel less effective but want to improve yourself, it will be appreciated.


You could even volunteer to clean up your team’s backlog if you want to be doing something different than normal. Always be sure to run all ideas by your manager so that they are aware of what you are doing currently.

You Are No Longer Learning

Take a couple of minutes to think about the last time you learned or acquired a new skill at work. Do you feel like it has been ages since you did that? This shows you are no longer learning.


A sudden stop in your career progression is very alarming. When you stop trying to learn at work, you will fall back, and if you don’t realize this, then it could take a long time for you to develop professionally again.


What you can do here is, volunteer to manage a new project, such as taking on a new customer or giving presentations on behalf of your team during meetings. This will give you a sense of achievement and also keep you excited.


You will be doing all kinds of research to come up with new ideas, and this is what will keep your mind fresh.

You Dread Mondays

I think we can all agree that as your Sunday night comes to an end, you have this feeling of sadness that you will be back to the grind on Monday.


That said there is a difference between being sad and dreading the next day. You usually feel sad because you had a great weekend and feel anxious about the next day. And, there is nothing wrong with it.


But, when you dread something, you probably don’t want to face it. If this is the case for you, then you need to ask yourself if you hate your work or just feel no excitement doing the same tasks over and over again.


There are many ways to schedule things on your Monday calendar that will have you looking forward to work, such as a lunch date with a friend or colleague or happy hour after work. You can even plan social work gatherings after work to unwind with your colleagues.

People Around You Are Getting Promotions

Do you see your colleagues and people around you at the workplace getting promoted? Perhaps even those who joined the company much later than you?


The fact that if you are being passed on for promotion for quite some time now, you are bound to feel unmotivated and demoralized.


One way you can figure out how to overcome this is by making a list of all your accomplishments. Then, you should speak to your manager and discuss where you are lacking and how you can improve yourself. You should also let them know if you feel you deserve a promotion or at least, a pay raise.


You should not feel that you will never be promoted because there is no such thing as this if you are continuously proving your worth.

All in All

We understand that it is natural to feel demotivated at times, but that should not always be the case. We hope you will let the management know if you want to keep working in the same company but feel like you are not growing.


You can even compile an email in which you share your thoughts on missed-out promotions and seek new challenges. If you are a remote employee, and the internet is an issue when sending emails, you can consider calling hargray servicio al client to enquire about their internet plans.