5 Different Types of Cleaning Services You Need to Know


The cleaning industry is diverse. It offers a wide range of services to cater to different spaces. Each space has unique demands and requirements, with various cleaning services allow every room to achieve the best possible condition. Therefore, understanding the various cleaning services is essential to help you clean and maintain your property. To give you a better idea, these services are the following:

Office Cleaning
Office cleaning Singapore is one of the most sought-after cleaning services in the country. It involves daily office cleaning services or janitorial services like vacuuming the floors, dusting countertops, wiping glass panels, and throwing away the trash.
But more than these, it also includes specialised services like carpet cleaning, sanitising the restrooms, and organising the break rooms. This type of cleaning aims to maintain a professional appearance in the office and enhance productivity.
While office cleaning technically falls under the category of commercial cleaning, it is still considered a unique and specific type of cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning
Next is commercial cleaning, which involves cleaning commercial establishments like offices, malls, schools, hospitals and healthcare clinics, arenas, financial institutions, places of worship, and other public destinations.
Unlike office cleaning, commercial cleaning needs to be more versatile to cater to the different types of spaces. It also needs to work with a flexible schedule since it addresses public properties. This means they need to adapt to an ideal time that will cause the least public disturbance.

Due to the larger size of commercial spaces, the equipment and techniques used to clean different surfaces will vary. For instance, commercial cleaners need to use commercial-grade vacuums, floor polishers, trash cans, and carpet cleaners to increase efficiency. The same goes for cleaning solutions. They need to have an ample supply of chemicals and solutions to ensure that all areas of the commercial building are thoroughly cleaned.

Industrial Cleaning
Industrial cleaning is a specific type of cleaning used for industrial spaces, such as factories, manufacturing buildings, power plants, and warehouses. Due to the nature of the property and the activity level within these buildings, industrial cleaning requires more in-depth knowledge of proper cleaning methods and vast experience in handling heavy-duty equipment.
Apart from the general cleaning present among all cleaning types, industrial cleaning involves chemical waste management, biohazard disposal, lead removal, mould removal, machinery handling, and power washing.
Since every industrial space is different, the cleaning methods that cleaners follow will also vary. For example, if they’re cleaning a food factory, the cleaners must be knowledgeable about food safety. In other words, they must use solutions and techniques that are food-safe.

The same applies to automobile manufacturing buildings. Cleaners must be experienced in cleaning metals and removing rust. In addition, they must distinguish between chemicals appropriate for cleaning and chemicals that may lead to erosion. These are tricky nuances that industrial cleaners need to be aware of to properly clean industrial spaces.

Green Cleaning
With the rise of eco-consciousness, many cleaning companies around the country are offering a service known as green cleaning. It’s a cleaning method that involves the use of eco-friendly products and solutions to protect not only the environment but the clients’ health as well.

It is a holistic approach that uses green cleaning products, equipment, and training to lessen the adverse effects of cleaning on the environment. Because of this, green cleaning is available for different cleaning categories, including commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and even residential cleaning.

Sanitation and Disinfection Cleaning
Although sanitation and disinfection services have been present pre-COVID, the demand for this type of cleaning has skyrocketed due to the spread of the global pandemic. As a result, offices, commercial buildings, and even homes are getting sanitation and disinfection services to protect their property from bacteria and viruses.
This type of cleaning service involves technological advancements like antimicrobial coating, fog machines, and UV lighting to remove viruses and bacteria from various surfaces. Through sanitation and disinfection, employees and consumers alike can feel safer when they enter different establishments.

Now that you know the different types of cleaning services, you are better equipped to evaluate your property and get the service it needs. From the best office cleaning services in Singapore to sanitation and disinfection, you have a wide range of options to choose from.