braid ideas
Summer braid ideas for a stunning look!

Box braids hairstyles are a great way to add color and length to your hair. They are elegant and easy to achieve. Box braids are also a protective hairstyle that guards against everyday hair damage– the protective style protects your roots and keeps your natural hair healthy. Box braids can be styled using virgin Remy Brazilian hair bundles and virgin human braiding hair.

Scroll down to see the most attractive and easy-to-flaunt box braids hairstyles!

1. Ponytail Box Braids

virgin human braiding hair
Add length with virgin human braiding hair

Medium box braids can be styled in various ways to create unique and fun box braid hairstyles for long hair. Try a half-up bun or a high ponytail instead of a ballerina bun or long layers for a more youthful hairstyle.

2. Bantu Knot

virgin Remy Brazilian hair bundles
Bantu knots with virgin Remy Brazilian hair bundles

You get to be an artist when styling box braids hairstyles, so don’t limit yourself. You worked hard to get those gorgeous braids, and now you can make the most of them. How about traditional Bantu knots with box braids? This hairstyle is stylish and elegant while staying playful. Use virgin Remy Brazilian hair bundles for that extra oomph!

3. Water Wave Box Braids

virgin Remy Brazilian hair bundles
Virgin Remy Brazilian hair bundles water wave box braids

Do you want something unique? Choose an all-one-length bob and have the stylist pull the strands for added interest. It’s a new water wave crochet hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go. Box braids hairstyles are an unusual way to wear braids that add a lot of city chic to your look. Putting the beads in says, “Yes, I intended to look this fabulous.” Use virgin Remy Brazilian hair bundles for that gorgeous braided hair look.

4. Honey Brown Box Braids

deep wave curly virgin hair
Box braids with deep wave curly virgin hair

Forget about natural hair color for a moment and use honey brown deep wave curly virgin hair to brighten your look without jeopardizing your hair’s health. Highlights of golden blonde and brown are braided into individual strands for a hefty dose of personality. One of the best hairstyles for long hair is honey brown braids.

5. Jumbo Box Braids

 braid ideas
Jumbo braid ideas!

Make a statement with jumbo box braids hairstyles using virgin human braiding and stand out even more with varying shades of black and blonde box braids. Color experimenting with long braids is incredibly simple. There’s no need to be concerned about dye and bleach – if you’ve always wanted to try bold colors like platinum blonde, now is the time. Keep the roots dark, and we love the lived-in vibe they give off. Create stunning box braids with different hairstyles for long hair in the stunning colors of blonde and black using virgin human braiding hair.


Box braids add volume and style your hair in the most appealing ways! These protective braid ideas allow you to experiment with different hairstyles while keeping your natural hair in the braid. You now have some ideas for various appealing box braids hairstyles. Keep up with the latest fashion trends, and you’ll be ready to look as good as ever.

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