5 Innovative Ideas To Design Letterboxes for Multi-Dwelling Houses

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Do you know that the architecture of the home is not always sufficient to make it appear glamorous? It’s the way you decorate the interior and exterior that adds to the vibe. The Concrete letterboxes and the ones of sandstone have become statement pieces in front of the multi-dwelling homes. 

It is not just a solid box that has a specific function. The presence is more powerful in enhancing the overall appearance of the building. The mellow colouring, the use of interesting designs and the choice of structuring together contribute to making these letterboxes more beautiful and unique. 

1. Stackable quoins

The discussion should begin with the modern and minimalistic form of stacks for the letterbox. 

  • Most of the individual units show an average dimension of 400X400 cm or 30X30 cm.
  • You can customize the sizes of these concrete letterboxes. The stack goes one on top of the other. It can easily blend with the existing fencing or it can maintain an aesthetic balance with the property itself. 

The boxes with the dimension of 340X340 cm form a simple but stylish look. The flat capital assists in contemporary developmental works. The large mail slots are ideal for hosting the many emails and blending with the house. 

2. Frame the entrance

Now, this is an interesting idea. You can use sandstone or concrete material to frame the shared entrance of the multiple-dwelling building. Such sandstone letterboxes will have a wider and plan base along with a pointed capital.

And the best part is, you can leave them without painting in fact, that’s the most unique approach to maintaining the raw look. The natural state is good enough to uplift the overall appearance of the building. 

3. Blending with the fence

The choice of fencing is always a matter of interest to maximum homeowners. Now, can you spend some more time picking the fences? For it can help you to install another innovative letterbox for buildings with multiple residents. 

  • Select a design of the letterbox that will complement the design of the property. 
  • There should be a pillar with the same design as that of the sandstone letterboxes. 

The whole idea is to keep it right in the front, but blend it with the building’s structuring. The mailbox of the front dwelling will be one of the fence pillars. And the other dwellings can use the posterior slot of the mail for easy access.

4. Go with traditions

In the world of smartphones, why not keep some traditional look in the residential space? Make your home come alive with the compact letterboxes that used to be there many years ago 

It is even possible to use the stackable quoins for creating letterboxes with multiple units. 

5. Modern and contemporary styling

The smart look is the ultimate objective of the modern designs of mailboxes. Some Concrete letterboxes represent buildings with flat roofs by including the flat capital. The standard address plates are usually a product of stainless steel cutting. 

And you can paint the letterbox whenever you like. 

Quality should be premium

Designs and ideas will flourish only when you can get high-quality letterboxes. So, finding the manufacturers of top-quality sandstone letterboxes is the primary necessity. The top manufacturer will house a plethora of ideas.

It depends on the nature of the building where you stay or the type of architecture the building poses to decide the top of the letterbox. A traditional house will lose its glory if you try to create a smart and modern-looking letterbox in front of the house. 

The letterbox has to maintain harmony with the building’s design. allow the professionals to install it so that you don’t end up damaging the letterbox. There is so much to the letterboxes. So, find the best professionals for a discussion.