A line of artists were seen attending the AMBUSH pop-up store that opened in Seoul, South Korea. YOON, one of the founders of the jewelry brand, shared portraits of a number of Korean artists who visited his shop.

A number of familiar faces were seen there. Some of them are BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, you know! Check, come on!

1. G-Dragon

G-Dragon, who is making a comeback with BIGBANG through “Still Life” was also seen visiting the pop-up shop . With his colorful hair, GD stands out. On this occasion, YOON also congratulated GD on his new single.


YOON also uploaded his selfie with BLACKPINK Jennie . The idol who is reportedly GD’s lover looks very casual with sweet thin makeup .


The singer whose real name is Lee Seung Joo and known by the stage name LOREN was one of the musicians who attended. LOREN himself stole the show when he became Rose BLACKPINK’s girlfriend in the MV “Lovesick Girls,” remember?

4. Jay Park

Jay Park was seen posing with Miran, and the GroovyRoom duo, namely Park Gyujeong, Mirani and Lee Hwi Min. The musician is stylish in a shirt and some hand jewelry.

5. The Boyz

Not only that, YOON also shared his angry portrait of The Boyz , you know. The woman who is also the Director of Dior Men’s Jewelry is indeed known to be close to many Korean musicians.

Among the line-up of artists who came to this AMBUSH pop-up shop, who stole your attention the most?