5 Reasons Your Events Need An Awesome 360 Photo Booth


360 photo booths photograph subjects by rotating them 360 degrees to capture every pose. Your guests will undoubtedly enjoy the newest event photography trend, making your party the talk of the neighbourhood.


Although it’s frequently referred to as a “360 picture booth,” it’s actually 120 frames per second video booth. First, the subject will have to stand on the platform while the camera revolves around them. Then slow-motion videos will be captured by the camera.


A development made to promote creativity in the photography industry is the 360 photo booth. The new invention has altered peoples’ perspectives on gatherings, meetings, and events. It assists people in overcoming the challenge of hosting entertaining and exciting events that ensure attendees’ comfort.


Engaging in activities or contests makes an event more varied, which can help your company’s profitability because attendees will avoid event planners who don’t spice up their affairs. In addition, everyone enjoys the idea of taking photos and posting them on social media, which is why the popularity of photo booths is only increasing.


Here are some advantages of using the most well-liked 360-degree photo booth at an event.

1. Gain More Customers for Your Photo Booth


The fact that 360° photo booths stand out from the competition is one of their best qualities. They differ from traditional photo booths in several ways, including the fact that a rotating camera entirely circles the user. This means that a 360° photo booth will be much more visible to attendees at your event than one with a static camera position does. You can anticipate that more people will experiment with 360° imagery out of pure curiosity. They will be inspired to try it once more after seeing the results. By choosing 360° technology, you are likely to receive a lot more value for your money when hiring a photo booth.


2. Create Shareable Moments Right Away


360° photo booths are prepared for the online world because they produce digital images. Even though you don’t have to allow guests to share their panoramic miniature movies if you prefer for them to remain private, having the option to do so is a huge plus. This is particularly true if you want to increase the number of attendees at upcoming events or if you are promoting something through your booth, like a new product line or range. The 360° images can even be hash-tagged so that anyone who views them will immediately understand what kind of event they pertain to.


3. The Comfort of a Complete Setup


The 360 photo booth offers more features than a standard photo booth. You get a complete experience and access to unique event features. As a result, many forward-thinking businesses have started investing in 360 photo booth software.


Major event planning companies have made great strides in offering 360 photo booth at reasonable rental rates because they recognize the value of using the all-encompassing features.


The type of events planned and the user specifications determine the entire group of users for the photo booth. For example, a selfie portrait or video setup may be necessary for some occasions.


Regardless of the design, the 360 photo booth setup offers a distinctive experience to any audience. In addition, your ability to take advantage of your innovations puts you far ahead of your competitors in the field, giving you the advantage in providing the best service possible.


4. Create a content library.


Lack of content to share on a brand’s owned social media channels is one of the common problems it encounters. In addition to creating a ton of content that attendees can share, hiring a photo booth for your event will give you access to an incredible library of content that can be reused across all of your channels. Following the event, you will receive access to every photo taken and shared through the photo booth for use in your marketing materials and social media accounts.


5. Enhance the event’s experience by


Canapés and wine are no longer the only things served at corporate events. Attendees look for immersive activities that will break the ice and be a little entertaining. At your event, a photo booth rental will provide guests with an engaging activity. The possibilities are endless; today’s photo booths are definitely out of the booth. Examples include aerial photo booths mounted over beds, ball pits, 360-degree cameras, and everything in between.


Your objective should be to provide customers with an experience they will remember. By offering 360 photo booth rental services, we can accomplish this in one of the most effective ways possible.


An event should only go out of existence after it is over. Always make sure to get pictures taken to capture special moments.

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