5 Things You Put Into Recycling Bins But You Shouldn’t


Recycling materials is an excellent way to save the planet and keep it green. Maybe you are one of those responsible citizens who take recycling very seriously. But are you sure you are aware of all the recyclable things? If you are not, don’t worry! You are not alone. Many are still uncertain about what goes into recycling bins and what’s not. Here we have curated a list of items that don’t belong to recycling bins to spread awareness or while taking hauling services Lincoln, NE.

Wet paper
It’s common for most of us to throw papers into recycling bins after use. But if they were wet, at any point, they failed to qualify for recycling. The damaged fibers of wet papers also contaminate the rest of the lot in the bin.

Pizza boxes
As pizza boxes are made of cardboard, our instincts say they belong to recycling bins. But, in reality, they don’t. Pizza boxes absorb oils from pizzas. When you dump them with other cardboard boxes, you risk contaminating the entire recycling batch. It’s best to keep them separated from boxes piled up for recycling.

Aerosol cans
Dumping cans into recycling bins is a good habit. But aerosol cans don’t belong in these bins. Although the can material is made out of recyclable metals, they contain harmful chemicals. If you don’t want the collected can junk to get contaminated with such chemicals, store aerosol cans away from the recycling bins.

Bottle caps
Recycling is essential to limit the amount of plastic on earth. That said, a few plastic items made of grade 5 plastic, like plastic bottle caps and tubs of peanut butter, are not easy to recycle. It’s best to keep hard plastic-made items separated from the rest of the plastic junk.

Styrofoams are widely used across the nation, but that doesn’t mean they are recyclable. This petroleum-based product is highly flammable and harmful to the environment. Rather than stacking them up with the rest of the recyclable materials, search for nearby styrofoam recycling locations for their safe disposal.

The bottom line is improving recyclable materials, and recycling is an excellent way to save the environment. Be sure to keep all these things in your mind the next time you dispose of items, thinking they are eligible for recycling. If you have got lots of junk at home, look for a junk pick-up or disposal service in Lincoln and get them removed at once.