5 Tips for Creating Videos Using Best Screen Recorder for Android

Best Screen Recorder For Android

Screen recording is a manner of sharing a captured video or screen recording in full screen or window mode and sending video instructions while permitting others to view the information in the same way as the sharer.

Put simply, the best screen recorder for Android helps share any information that one has on the screen of one’s Android phone with one’s viewers. Prior to creating one’s first screencast, check out the following tips to design a screen recording of high quality, which you will desire to share:

Record anything

A major benefit of screen recording is that whatever one can see, one can capture it. Everything is fair game- be it webpages, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations, etc.

The downside is that while capturing one’s screen, one can record undesirable pop-ups and notifications by accident. Even one’s cluttered desktop may be recorded. So, before beginning screen recording, take time to clean up the icons on the desktop. Also, disable pop-ups and switch off notifications.

Be ready with a plan

Always have a plan ready for what to communicate, or you run the risk of rambling on in your screencast. Having a script will guide one through the recording to accomplish a great video at the end. Write it down so as to stay focused.

These could be details such as exact words, a broad range of steps, or any such guidelines that will help one to be on point and make sure that one does not miss anything important. There is a tendency to ramble on and be wordy if one does not have a plan for focus.

Mind the length

What is the ideal length for a perfect screen recording? There are no right answers to this question, and all this depends. One might like to keep videos short, but this might leave the audience unsatisfied and annoyed if important information is neglected.

At the same time, if one creates videos that are too long and have too much information, the viewers tend to get bored and will stop watching these. For deciding on the length of the video, focus on its content. One must include only enough information and make the video as short and rich as possible.

Note the quality of audio

A big difference in the popularity of the screencast is made by the quality of the audio. Poor quality of audio can turn off the most patient audience. The ideal way to record audio is to have a plan in place before starting it.

  • Avoid in-built microphone

Using the in-built microphone of your device is easy and convenient but not at all effective. Dramatically improve the audio quality by using an external microphone.

  • Avoid noise from the background

The microphone can easily pick up any background noise, even those with the least impact, like HVAC systems and fluorescent lighting. Some of the screen recording software helps in cleaning such noise afterward from the recording, but it is good to avoid these in the first place.

  • Place microphone strategically

Ensure that the microphone is placed at a spot where one is audible and can be understood clearly.

Watch the cursor of mouse

A mouse cursor is a humble tool that is a must for every screencast. It helps visitors to navigate the screen. It guides users about what one is talking.

  • Don’t let it circle aimlessly

If one moves the cursor round and round while talking, it will leave viewers confused about where to look. So, one must move the cursor deliberately, with purpose.

  • Avoid moving speedily

The audience will not know where to look even when one moves the cursor too fast. When they get confused, they tend to stop viewing the video.

In sum, these are all some tips for creating screencasts using the best screen recorder for Android.