5 Top Flavours of Dutches
5 Top Flavours of Dutches

Famous Dutch Masters cigars are a series of machine-made cigars that have remained wildly popular in the United States since they were initially released in 1912. This collection, which comprises the original all-tobacco blend and a wide range of flavour-infused products in either inexpensive boxes or various-sized packs, features a signature blend of Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos. To please any smoker’s sweet craving, the  Dutches line includes flavours including grape, chocolate, berry, honey, and many more.

You can depend on a superb tasting, smooth smoke supported by more than a century of experience in cigarmaking, regardless of the mix or package design you select. Now, review the top 5 flavours of Dutch master: 

Here are the top flavor dutches that you need to try must:


One of the most famous Dutch products today is Dutch Masters Berry Fusion, which combines the flavours of ripe berries and creamy cigar tobacco. The fillers, wrapper, and binder of Dutch Masters Berry Fusion cigars are created with tobacco leaf from the Caribbean basin that has been homogenised.

This results in tastes having a smooth consistency. Also, the brand’s diverse mixtures make the stogies ideal for energising your senses at any time of day.


With a natural leaf wrapper, Dutches Dutch Blend Silver Cigarillos have a traditional, smooth flavour crafted with purists in mind. Each box contains 30 packs of two cigars packaged in foil pouches to keep them fresh and portable.


The distinctive flavour of creamy natural tobacco smothered in a copious amount of sweet, sweet honey may be found in Dutch by Dutch Masters Honey Fusion.

The unique taste of creamy natural tobacco smothered in a copious amount of sweet love may be found in Dutch by Dutch Masters Honey Fusion. We got a winner; my goodness, honey cigarillo fans.


These are smooth, flavour-infused smokes. The Altadis plant in Puerto Rico uses short filler Cuban seed tobacco encased in a simple all-natural leaf wrapper to create these cigarillos.

Dutch Masters‘ Dutch Irish Fusion is a delightful concoction of mellow flavour and an alluring scent that combines sweet Irish Cream with Cuban seed tobaccos. This mouthwatering experience will only be improved with a decent cup of coffee.


Dutch Palma is the perfect blend of Cuban seed tobacco and creamy vanilla to give you a super-smooth, pleasant smoke and is probably the classic cigar that puts dutch masters on the map.

The traditional unflavored cigarillo from Dutches, the most popular machine-rolled cigar brand in America, is the Palma cigar, commonly known as Vanilla Dutch. The best Caribbean Cuban Seed tobacco gives these cigarillos the distinctive flavour that has become synonymous with Dutch Masters.

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