6 Features of Bi Folding Doors for a Furnished House

Features of bi folding doors

What are the bi-folding doors?

Bi-folding doors have gained much favour over the past ten years among London city residents who own homes and studio houses. They are also referred to as folding doors since you may open them by folding them inside or outward. These doors work well in practically every area, including laundry and storage rooms and outdoor applications like gardens. Bi-folding doors have hinges and rollers mounted at the top, connecting a minimum of two and a maximum of seven panels. Today, we’ll discuss all the features of bi-folding doors in UAE and their benefits.

Following are the features of bi-folding doors that serve a variety of advantages and make these doors the best choice for home and office furnishing.


Bi-fold doors are made of slender (wood, vinyl, or aluminium) frames that enclose much glass by design. Only some glass varieties are appropriate because they are mostly made of glass. You’ll need to make choices on the precise type of glass you desire when purchasing bi-fold doors. Consequently, you must decide between the following:

  • Safety glass that is laminated or toughened
  • either regular glass or noise-reducing glass
  • Low-E glass or regular glass (glass with an energy-efficient coating)
  • Regardless of whether it has integrated blinds

Double-glazing and triple glazing

Usually, double glazing is included with bi-fold doors as standard, but you can upgrade to triple glazing if you’d rather. Both operate in the same manner. A sealed cavity (or cavities) that are filled with air or a noble gas like argon or krypton is surrounded by glass panes. Moreover, this method keeps the space well-insulated by preventing the movement of heat or cold from the inside of the house to the outside.

Having an extra pane is undoubtedly a benefit of triple glazing. Therefore, it is more energy efficient than double glazing but also more secure and better at dampening outside noise. This feature makes aluminium bi folding the most reliable choice for you.

Extra Space

When bi-folding doors are opened, either inwards or outwards, you may take advantage of ample, unrestricted space. In addition, bi folding doors Dubai are an excellent choice for any outdoor application because of their great functionality.

Unlike patio doors, which a door or piece of furniture must stop while they are open. Bi-fold doors can be folded back on themselves to create significantly more room along walls and entrances. As a result, you may consider them from two perspectives: they add space to your home while taking up little space. This s regarded as one of the best features of bi folding doors.

Safety Glass

If you are all set to buy Folding doors, make sure that the folding door must have enhanced safety glazing because specific glass is easily broken. This is generally stated in building codes. The purpose of the safety glass is to both keep the house secure and safeguard the occupants if the glass breaks.

Toughened glass, often known as tempered glass or laminated glass, are both examples of safety glazing. Both forms of glass are intended to be shatterproof, so when they do break, there is less likelihood that shards may cut someone.

Although many bi-fold doors in UAE are available with toughened glass, laminated glass is usually preferable. This is because it is thicker than toughened glass and hence more shock- and damage-resistant; it also provides more insulation and reduces noise.

Noise Reduction Glass

One of the optimum features of bi folding doors is its noise-reduction glass. Regardless of the type of glass used, double and triple glazing are particularly effective at reducing noise because of their design, which involves two or three panes of glass containing one or more plastic interlayers.

However, it becomes more efficient when laminated glass is used. This is because of laminated glass:

  • Alters the frequency of the sound to block it
  • Reflects it back in the direction it came from
  • Absorbs it inside the glass.

The sound will be further muffled if different glass thicknesses are used on either side of the plastic interlayer(s). Most laminated glass can reduce sound by up to 10 decibels, which is roughly 50% quieter to the human ear.

Benefits of Bi-folding Doors

Any property that installs bi-fold doors with external aluminium will benefit greatly, offering a stunningly modern space to work, rest, and play. It serves as the main point of any kitchen, dining extension, or lounge and is the most efficient method to open up your home without reducing the amount of outside space you can bring in. Bi-fold doors are an excellent option for home improvement for various reasons, but these are just a few of the outstanding advantages.

Low Maintenance

There is not much maintenance needed for bi-folding doors. All that homeowners need to do is give them the occasional wipe down and wash. Bi-folding doors don’t need to be painted or treated early, which is another benefit. All it takes is a wipe to make them seem brand new.

Take little space

Bi-fold doors practically don’t disrupt the natural flow of your home when they are open because they take up so little space. Bi-fold doors fold back on themselves, providing the advantage of totally opening up your wall, unlike patio doors, which must move behind another window or door.


With a set of bi-fold doors, you can choose where the leaves split and how wide they open within the frame. When compared to a regular or sliding door, they are far more versatile due to their ability to extend into or out of a room and fold to the left or right.


Bi-fold doors give a higher level of protection since they have several locking points, internally beaded frames, and high-security hinges, as opposed to other types of glass doors, which often have just one locking point.

Beautiful in appearance

Bi-fold doors give your house a sleek, contemporary exterior and are often an excellent addition. To either fit the rest of your home or stand out to make a statement, you may choose from a variety of styles and more than 200 colours.

Outdoor and inside living

Bi-fold doors, unlike traditional sliding doors, fold immediately back, creating more space, so you really need to be outdoors to experience that sense of freedom. You can enjoy your outdoor space while enjoying the convenience of being indoors.

Light up your house with sunlight

Bi-fold doors let the most light into your home whether they are open or closed, transforming a typically dark room into one that is vibrant and alive and where you want to spend more time. Glass panels between the UPVC frames of the bi-folding doors allow for a sufficient amount of natural light to enter the house. It makes the home house look lighter and lowers electricity costs for homeowners.

We hope you understand all the features of bi-folding doors in Dubai and their benefits. Now, it will be feasible for you to select the right bi-folding doors for your place.