6 Key Points On How To Be A Trusted Modular Builder Company


When people look for a company to buy or avail services from, they first research the company online to know whether it’s a company they can trust. People usually base their trust level on a company’s online presence, marketing visuals, reviews, and popularity. Meeting those criteria can be challenging, especially for starting technical businesses like modular builders.

Over the last few years, modular construction has evolved and become a modern building method many businesses love. Modular buildings have now made their reputation in the building industry since hospitals used modular healthcare buildings during the pandemic. Today, schools and retail businesses prefer modular buildings because of their quality and affordability compared to traditional buildings.

But even though modular buildings have become popular, many still prefer traditional buildings over them. People still find it difficult to fully trust that they’re worth it for their price and use. As a result, modular builder companies find it challenging to gain their target market’s trust. If you’re working for or own a modular builder company, it’s critical to be a business that people trust. 

And if you’re after that, it’s time to take actions that will make you a trusted and reliable modular company. Here are six key points on how to be a trusted modular builder company.


1 – Form a team of talented professionals 

You’ll probably get hundreds of different answers if you ask people what they think makes a company outstanding. If you ask, I’ll say it’s the people. The people that comprise your team are the ones that determine what type of company you have.

Without a talented team of professionals who are experts in their field of work, it will be hard to offer services that meet or exceed your client’s expectations. Clients can immediately tell if the people assisting them in their projects and queries can produce the results they like. When clients feel the capability of the people in the company, they immediately have trust and confidence in you. 

As you hire and look for people to work with, look for those who are capable and can exceed your client’s expectations. Sooner or later, a team of professionals who are experts and skilled in their jobs will represent your company.


2 – Focus on marketing the quality of your work production

Today, when you search for a company, you’ll often see many claiming to be the “leading” or the “best” in the industry. The question is, what makes them the best? It’s easy to say and put on your website that you’re the best modular builder company. But that line is becoming old that people no longer find it impressive.

Instead, you should focus on marketing the quality of your work production. If you are confident that your building services are the best, highlight them in your marketing. Share the intricate details and processes your engineers, architects, and designers undergo during a building project. 

Of course, we don’t want to give it all away by sharing every detail and secret. But instead, the goal is to show a glimpse of the creative and thorough process of designing and building a modular property people can trust.


3 – Pick a niche that sets you apart from the competition

The leading and trusted companies in each industry know how to set their business apart from the competition. Let’s use the leading gadget brand, Apple. Even though many gadget brands offer impeccable features, Apple is still in a league of its own. Apple is distinct for its designs, user-friendly operating systems, and price.

Even though your business nature is far from Apple, you are free to pick a niche that sets you apart from the competition. It could be your quick turnaround time, unique modular building design, or customer service. The secret is to focus on what you’re good at and use it to your advantage. 

Even though your “niche” is not unique, you can still use it to set you apart from the competition. You just have to embody it and make it unique to your business.


4 – Build a customer service team that is accommodating and patient with customer queries

One thing that pushes people away from purchasing from a company is its customer service. On the other hand, if its customer service is good, it could attract more potential clients than it could. In short, how you interact and communicate with your clients can determine your business’s success and reputation.

Since you’ll be offering a new construction service, expect that people will constantly ask you questions. Expect clients to ask simple to technical questions randomly even though you just answered them. You’ll likely deal with this client type at least five to ten times daily. That’s why patience is a must. 


5 – Utilise online marketing to your advantage

One of the tools modern businesses use today is online marketing. Marketing your business online can be free or not, depending on the type of marketing strategy you plan to use. Free online marketing types are starting social media pages, blogging, email marketing and building your website.

On the other hand, paid online marketing services are pay-per-click ads on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and collaboration with influencers and celebrities. It will depend on your budget and strategy what online marketing type to utilise. Remember that even though your company is construction-related, you can still use online marketing to your advantage.


6 – Make sure your company has all the necessary documents required for operation and project-handling

The government will require a modular builder company to submit and process specific documents that will legalise their operation. Those documents vary depending on your location, area, and nature of work. Insurance, licensing, bonding, and more are the documents you need to work legally. 

Before you operate your business or take on a project, have all the legal files you need. It will give you and your clients confidence and support when an issue happens unexpectedly.


Build a company you would trust if you were the client.

It is no walk in the park to start, manage, and build a company, especially if you offer technical and innovative services to the market like a modular building company. Hopefully, these six points will help you if you own one. Here’s a final tip. If you don’t know what to do, just ask yourself, what are the things that will make me trust a company? Sooner or later, you’ll have the answers.


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for MTX Contracts U.K., a privately owned construction and engineering company. MTX delivers single-source construction and engineering solutions to the UK’s public and private sectors, consistently promoting innovation and sustainable construction.