You’re about to travel on your first adventure in your new RV and you’re thrilled at the prospect of seeing new places and experiencing RVing. The problem is, you don’t know if you have everything you need.

When you have the right RV equipment, RVing is a breeze. RV camper parts and accessories will improve your camping experience and add to the overall enjoyment of your camping trip. They will ensure that you have a great time camping wherever you go.

The following must-have RV parts and accessories will help you enjoy your RV trip as well as improve the efficiency of your RV while on the road.

1. Water Pressure Regulator
Some RV parks are located in areas with high water pressure. This is unsafe for RV plumbing systems. High water pressure can break water pipes inside your rig or create leaks at plumbing fittings. To avoid such things from happening, you need to install a water pressure regulator.

This is a simple device that restricts the flow of water into your RV and protects your RV’s appliances, plumbing fixtures, and hoses from potential damage from high water pressure. It is simple to operate and it keeps the water pressure at a safe level.

2. Holding Tank Cleaning Solutions
You won’t need these right away but you’ll need them soon enough. Cleaning solutions help break down and remove odors from your holding tanks. They can keep your RV’s toilet, pipes, and holding tanks free from odor-causing bacteria so they stay clean and smell fresh all the time.

3. Levelers
Not every camping location is perfectly level. When parking an RV over an uneven surface, the frame and chassis are put under additional strain. This can lead to significant issues with your appliances, door frames, windows, slide-outs, and tires.

You also don’t want to walk inside an RV that is not leveled as it can be disorientating and quite frankly unsafe. RV levelers provide added stability on soft ground in addition to leveling your trailer or RV over uneven terrain.

If your RV does not have a self-leveling system, you’ll need to buy RV levelers.

4. Wheel Chocks
Levelers work best with wheel chocks. Wheel chocks stop your RV from moving or rolling down slanted surfaces. They are installed in front of and behind the wheels. Once you’ve chosen your spot and leveled your RV, wheel chocks will come in handy.

Some stores sell RV levelers and wheel chocks as a set. Whether you buy a set or not, make sure the chock wheels are rated for the weight of your RV.

5. Surge Protectors
Many of the things that make camping more comfortable in your RV require electricity to operate. Surge protectors protect everything in your RV that uses electricity.

Power outages, lightning strikes, and even defective wiring at the hookup can all produce power surges. When your RV is linked to an electrical outlet, you can use a surge protector to protect the electrical system and your RV appliances against harm in case a power surge happens.

6. Air Vent Covers
Musty air, smoke, and cooking aromas escape through RV air vent covers, keeping your RV or trailer smelling fresh. They are designed to keep water out of your RV so you can vent air even when it is raining.

To keep insects and other debris out, look for one with a detachable bug screen. They come in a variety of colors to match the exterior paint of your RV.

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