6 Practical Ways You Can Fix Erectile Dysfunction


As you age, it gets harder to do physical exertion. And the same goes for penis erection. As you age, the ability to get an erection or achieve sexual arousal can get low. However, erectile dysfunction can happen at any age, and this can happen due to different reasons. This blog post will give you practical tips on improving erectile dysfunction.

Go for a Brisk Walk

If you start walking for 30 minutes a day, doing so can improve your chances of getting better erections. A study done at Harvard showed that people who started walking for 30 minutes a day saw 41% drop in the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Also, complementing the walk with moderate exercise can further improve sexual performance. 

Eat Good Food

There’s truth in the saying that ‘you are what you eat’. Any diet unsuitable for a man’s heart should be avoided. The heart pumps blood to the whole body – including blood flow to the penis. A healthy heart means you can expect better sexual performance. 

Also, your diet should include fruits and vegetables known to improve blood circulation throughout the body. Especially foods that relax the nerves and let more blood flow through are ideal.

The types of foods you should avoid are the ones that have high amounts of fats. Also, fried food and processed food are known to block the arteries and decrease blood flow. These are the foods you need to avoid for a healthy ED recovery.

Maintain BMI

Body mass index, abbreviated as BMI, means the ideal height-weight ratio. Many men who are overweight face the issue of erectile dysfunction. Being overweight can bring many health issues, such as diabetes. And someone with diabetes can also suffer from nerve damage – which is the basis for getting a normal erection. In many cases, diabetes is seen to cause nerve damage – hindering proper blood supply to the penis. Therefore, maintaining BMI is essential.

Do not Drink Alcohol

The best course of action is to avoid alcohol entirely, so erectile dysfunction does not happen entirely. But, if you’re addicted to drinking a lot, then it is advised that you bring down alcohol intake to a minimum level. Try to have only one drink a day, and gradually try to abandon drinking completely. By doing so, you will experience improved sexual performance.

Also, the same holds true for women who want to avoid the risk of getting breast cancer. However, in case you have symptoms of breast cancer, then you should breast cancer treatment services

Try Kegels

Many men have reported improved erections with kegel exercise. The kegel exercise is done by repeatedly contracting your pelvis muscles for 5 seconds and then relaxing the muscles by slowly releasing them. It would help if you tried this exercise as it has been proven to have dramatically positive effects on the ED situation of many men. If you think your ED problem is not improved with the kegel exercise, you should consult an ED doctor.

Don’t Take Stress

Studies have shown that chronic stress, anxiety, and depression have caused a lot of men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. There’s a lot to do in our daily lives, and we often feel stressed. However, in some males, overstressing can cause ED problems. You should try your best to stay happy and content so that any psychological issue does not get in your way of leading a healthy sexual life.

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