6 Signs It is Time to Repaint Your House


A house with cracked, flaked, and morphed paint looks even more unattractive than an unpainted house. So, you should consider repainting your home. You can do the paint job yourself or book painter services in Karachi. The latter option is more effective and hassle-free.

How can you know it is time to repaint your house? If you observe carefully, several signs can tell you that it is the right time to consider repainting your house.

Signs You Should Repaint Your House

In this article, you will come to learn some signs that can tell you that your old paint has been destroyed. And you should repaint your home.

1. Flaking

If your paint has started flaking, which refers to the peeling off of the paint in the form of flakes, you can consider repainting your house. This situation may be caused by wet rot or dry rot that make your walls and roofs look unattractive and outdated.

When your walls are continuously exposed to water, the paint can start peeling off. This water also damages the composition of interior walls that can cost structural damage to your house.

Moreover, harsh winters, extremely hot days with strong sunlight, and poor quality painting products contribute to this condition. As you can not control the weather but you can repaint your home. Book painter services in Lahore and repaint your house with weatherproof paints.

Weatherproof paint minimizes the effects of harsh weather conditions such as strong sunlight and extreme winters. And keep your house’s paint in well-maintained condition.

2. Caulk Cracking

Caulk is a liquid material that is used to seal the cracks between walls and windows, walls and doors, and any cracks in walls.  It is used to level the surface so that there can not be too much consumption of paint products.

With time, the caulk becomes brittle, less elastic, and cracky which leads to breaking and falling down. This may leave cracks open which make your walls look unattractive. Sometimes, poor quality caulk is also a cause for its earlier breakdown and cracking.

If this is the case, you should not delay anymore and get a skilled painter as soon as possible. And make sure quality painting products are being used.

3. Fading

If your paint has faded over time, you should consider renewing your paint. Strong sunlight in summers and harsh winters can make your house’s paint fade earlier.

It also depends upon the quality of your paint products. If you have used low-quality paint products, your house’s paint will fade in a comparatively shorter time. On the other hand, good quality products can last longer.

Therefore, if your paint is fading, you can renew it. In this way, your house will look attractive again. The colour which is not in its well-maintained condition enhances your house’s beauty.

You can book Mahir Company to paint your house with high-quality painting products. Your house will look colourful and beautiful for a longer time.

4. Bubbling

Sometimes, you observe that there are bubbles in your house’s paint layers. And the layer is peeling off from certain points. The bubbling not only makes your paint layer break but also speeds up the process.

Water intrusion and long moisture exposures can lead to bubbling. It destroys your paint layers and makes your house look outdated and dull.

So, you should keep the water away from your painted walls because continuous exposure can also lead to structural damage. Extensive water seepage can destroy the adhesion between bricks and cement.

You can avoid the situation by preventing the leakage of water whether it is an air conditioner, water tank, or cracked water pipe. Fix your water leakage and make your paint last longer.

5. Morphed Paint

Morphed paint refers to a condition when your paint starts vaguing and does not feel good. There are no clear details that make your paint job less colourful and attractive.

The clarity of the paint disappears and it starts looking dull and blurred. This not only spoils your house’s look but also causes the paint to break down.

It is also caused by extensive exposure to water, moisture, and strong sunlight. Therefore, prevent the leakage of water and your paint will last longer than ever before.

You can book skilled painters through the painter services App for a better and hassle-free painting job. In this way, your house will look colourful and beautiful again.

6. Wear and Tear

If your house paint has started showing signs of wear and tear, you should consider repainting your house as soon as possible. The common signs of wear and tear include flaking, cracking, and peeling.

The peeled or cracked paint can degrade your house’s overall look. It can also reduce the resale price of your house.

Therefore, you should book professional painters to repaint your house in a time-saving and easy way. Professional painters can make your house new again as they possess years-long training and experience.