Extensive opportunities, personal growth, the vulnerability of culture, and get guidance from brainy staff are some of the key benefits of sending your child to an international school in Shanghai. What is the first thought comes to your mind when you hear the word “international school”? An international school is an outstanding educational institution that offers excellent facilities. Contrasting to other schools that use traditional methods of learning, an international school has introduced innovative ways of coursework learning. This school system let the students experience hands-on learning by using their five senses which also helps the social, physical, and mental development of the students. But choosing the right international school for your child can be a tedious task as these days every school claims that it bears an international system but not necessarily all of those claims can be true.

How to Choose the Best international School in Shanghai for your Child?

Now, every parent wants to send their child to an international school in Shanghai as it has many benefits international school in Shanghai for the student. Here, we mentioned some important considerations that would surely help you in making your decision.

Excellent Curriculum

When you consider any school for your child first see its curriculum. Investigate well what programmes are implemented in the school. One of the key characteristics of an international school is that the school system must base on a consolidative learning experience. An international school system is well aware of the importance of versatility so its basic aim is to groom students in such a way that they are all-rounders. The international school system follows a curriculum consisting of extra-curricular and academic subjects. By taking interest in extra-curricular activities, students’ overall personalities nourish and polish and they get a strong knowledge of art and culture.

Dedicated Teacher

The quality of teaching and learning is a crucial factor to consider when choosing any international school for your child. A teacher who is dedicated to his profession and has magnificent knowledge of the subject can do great work for the well-being of young people. This pedagogical understanding would help students to develop a sense of lifelong love for learning. This love for learning inspires students to become inquisitive, learn new skills, and boost their understanding.

Observe the Environment

Before making any decision a visit to the school campus is vital as you have to make sure that the school environment is favourable for your child. A conducive and comfortable classroom environment enhances students learning. Also it ensures that the school organizes sports gala and recreational facilities that are equally important for the balanced and healthy life of students. Last but not least meticulously observe the school environment whether it is friendly or supportive or thriving as the school environment significantly has a positive impact on the students.

Focus on Character Building

The initial constructive years are the most important years of the children’s life. In constructing these formative years schools play a key role because school focuses on character building. In the initial years schools indulge moral and ethical values in students’ minds. Also, choose the school in which such types of projects are carried out that enhance determination and integrity. These values help students in their future lives to become good people.

Get information from Current Students and Parents

It is a crucial step to take all the information about the educational institution which you are choosing for your children’s schooling. Undoubtedly, getting information about the school from the current students and parents is the best way. This information is their honest opinion that would greatly help in making your decision. These opinions also help to get know about all good or bad of the school. Also, try to connect with some parents and get to know more about the school’s reputation.

Value languages and Culture

In most international schools the prime language of instruction is English. But it is vital that a student value all other languages apart from the English language. So, choose the school in which other languages are also taught and emphasized that students must learn them. The school must also motivate the students to value other cultures. Students do not value their culture unless the school does not respect other cultures.


A good international school must invest in its infrastructure. From playgrounds to laboratories see all the facilities that are available for the students nurturing and development. Also, check which requisite set-ups are available at the school to carry out extra-curricular activities. The same goes for academic learning. For instance, if your child is interested in the science field then make sure that the school has an extensive laboratory set-up.


An international school system is the best choice for every child for a variety of reasons such as its dedicated teachers, excellent facilities, cultural values, and outstanding curriculum. The first thing you should do is to sit and ask yourself which international school is best suited for your child’s growth and learning. We understand that searching out the right international school in Shanghai for your child is how much stressful task. In this blog, we have mentioned 7 key characteristics of a good international school that would surely help you in making your decision.