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When embarking on a culinary journey, a knowledgeable guide is there to enhance your experience with both entertainment and education, leaving a lasting impression on your senses.

The Little Havana food tour offers a unique opportunity to discover the culture and history of a people through their food, a fascinating blend of flavors, and aromas.

Tastings are included in tours that offer food and drinks, with local street food and cultural insights readily available at the Municipal Market.

While the focus of food tours is on indulging in complimentary food and drinks, they offer much more. An exploration of a locale can be enriched by its culinary delights, bringing a fuller appreciation of its history, context, and distinctive flavors. Guides will also share insights into local customs and must-see landmarks as you dine.

How to find a Food Tour

Due to the surge in food tourism, a plethora of cities worldwide now provide food tours, making it challenging to determine the most suitable one based on your schedule.

Our Food Tourism Marketplace is a treasure trove of incredible culinary adventures, including food tours, designed to assist you in organizing your journey.

As we continue to unveil the finest food tours globally, our list will expand. You may look for experiences by destination, evaluate if they meet your criteria, and secure your booking through the website.

Tips for choosing a food tour

  • Consider cost and length of tour.
  • Know your departure and arrival points.
  • Ensure the walking tour route is accessible for those with mobility limitations.
  • Contact the organizer in advance to check if special diets and dietary restrictions can be accommodated on the tour.
  • Avoid large meals before the tour to fully enjoy the gastronomic experience.
  • Participants under the age of majority are not permitted.
  • The tour requires a minimum number of participants to proceed.
  • Tours are limited to small or private groups, so ask about the maximum number of participants.
  • The tour is available in multiple languages.