All luxury car owners dread of this situation. You have to scrape up some extra cash & have to sell your hot rod. Even though you love cruising around in your toy, luxury cars can bring back some serious cash. The average mid-size luxury sedan is worth anywhere around $55,000. Even if you don’t get back all you paid, selling your luxury car can bring in a decent profit. But the catch is How do you attract luxury car buyers? As selling a luxury car isn’t like the average car sale. And that’s the reason you need to know the tools of the trade. If you aim to unload a luxury vehicle, choosing the right place to sell it can possibly lift your deal just that little higher than someone else. The mantra to nail a great deal is never stick to one marketplace. The best way to sell a luxury car is definitely more than one and weighing the options to sieve through the right one for you is the trick to a great price for your luxury wheels.


These services are quite economical and free, have the fastest sales, no middlemen and you can arrange all payments yourself. If you decide to go this way, be careful as classified websites like Craigslist are notorious for scammers & robbers. Always make an informed decision while selling your luxury vehicle.


These have the same set-up as the classifieds but are more reliable. But the catch is you got to deal with the middlemen here. This might also include paying any fees, following a specific title transfer protocol and agreeing to certain advertising limitations. Most of these websites aren’t free & expects you to few hundreds in fees for a luxury car.


If you’re aiming to find the best place to sell high end cars fast, you can auction it off. The only issue with them is that auctions are highly risky as while buyers could bid more than the car is worth, they could also bid way less. Even if they intend, “We buy luxury cars”, it’s essential that you set the starting bid and see how much your customers are willing to pay.


They are easy, reliable and you receive the cash up-front. These have locations just about everywhere & provide easy online access as well. Most of these sites use old cars for their scrap parts & their metal.


The obvious choice, this is a quickest way to goose the bank account if you can forgo a top-dollar return for the convenience.


If your luxury car has something distinctive like a rare colour or unusual wheel choice, places where fans of your specific make and model gather to discuss that make and model can often yield the best sales price. You need to know what you have & don’t try to fool the buyer.


If you just need some money to get through a rocky spot but know you want that car back, consider pawn brokers focussing on high-value assets like Borro, which operates nationally or find a local Pawn shop.


Certain sites boast of having an audience of high-net-worth individuals looking for very expensive cars. Don’t be afraid to let overseas buyers in on the auction as well, particularly if you have an American vehicle with a big V8, using sites like Autotrader UK, Dyler, etc.


A fire-and-forget solution if you have time to wait but no time to deal with selling, this can be as easy as finding a luxury consignment shop with a good reputation in the closest major metro area.

Making your process of selling your used luxury car easier, here are a few steps to keep in mind while deciding on the big decision:

  • Start compiling your advertising material like car photos or videos & write a detailed description.
  • List the car for sale. Use one of the methods above & if you’re selling your car for cash, you can skip the first step.
  • On getting the car buyer, fill out a bill of sale & transfer the car title. Make sure to remove the license plate before you hand over.

As your car is not the regular make, it is a luxury vehicle, it definitely requires to highlight:

  • Your car brand counts
  • The smallest of the details matter
  • Offer the buyer to take a test drive

Possessing a great understanding of the above selling points of your luxe vehicle would definitely make your selling process smoother.