8 Easy Ways for Link Building

Link Building Strategies

Backlinks are an important component of SEO, as they indicates the authority of your site which can help you to boost your search engine ranking of site. However , backlink strategy must focus on quality and that is why you should use effective backlinks techniques to find out the right prospects and get the results.

Backlinks increases your authority and credibility. Authority increases on quality backlinks neither on quantity . You have to make sure that the backlinks you are building must be of authoritative sites. Otherwise, you won’t get any backlink.

Read this article to learn the most of our favorite link building tactics for 2023


Outreach means when you contact relevant websites and ask them to link on your site. Many link building strategies outreaches in many ways. If you do this , then make sure to provide a strong reason and links to you content properly.

Ask this, before you outreach any company

What makes your content unique ?

Is your content original or an up-to-date ?

Be specific to your pitch

Moreover, for outreach, you must hire strong SEO company , this agencies has the list of reputative website. You can’t find your own. And if you live in Rhode island, then it’s best to hire Rhode island SEO agency and outreach your campaign.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the oldest link building tactics right now. But the question is how does it work > You write an article for another website in your niche and they publish it. You strategically link yourself from that article. The website itself offers you to link your site, but in some limit. It gives you limited amount of backlink.

It is not too complicated , one of the easiest process in link building.

How will you find the Guest Post Site ? You can use the same method that everyone uses for, you can find the sites that is actively providing the guest blogging services or you can use Google search operators and can find out the various guest blogging sites.

Broken link Building

This link-building process involves using the same three steps :

Find out the relevant backlink on a website

Develop something similar to your broken resource

You can ask anyone linking to the dead resource instead you link with your working resource.

Blog Commenting

Does blog commenting has direct lead to the dofollow links ? the answer is absolutely no. But , there are great ways to get the blogger screen which can lead to link down the road. The blog commenting helps to build relationships with bloggers in your niche . And these bloggers can even linked to you on another blogs.

Directory Submission

It is just like a general directory , you can submit your site to the general company directories. But the thing to keep in mind is that you have to focus on getting the links from high relevant sites. Because Google will give you backlinks , if your links comes from the authoritative site.

Competitor Backlink Analysis

Analyzing competitor backlinks will tell you which content types tends to attract most of the backlinks in the industry. You can get the backlink information from there. Just use this information to create similar types of content for your website and even you can create backlinks. You can use various free tools like Semrush backlink analysis , it is a free to use tool.


HARO Stands for Help a Reporter Out is the another way to build high-quality links to your site. It connects journalists with industry experts. Because Journalists often needs industry experts for their articles. Authoritative media outlets get the more chance to rank on search engines.

So, if you find any chances to receive backlinks from reputable publications, you can go to HARO’s website and sign up and register your source.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a strategy which is used to increase the online brand awareness via digital methods. It’s a wider field that make use of other link building strategies such as HARO and creating linkale assets.

The other example of digital PR includes

Sharing Press release about your company with the journalists

Building relationships with bloggers or online journalists

Participating in the influence marketing

You can write a press release and reach out to the journalists at the relevant media publications.

Linkable Assets

A linkable asset is a type of content which naturally attarcts the backlinks. Below are the examples


Original research and data studies


Free tools

In-depth guides and tools

This means engaging content tends to earn link naturally.

The Conclusion

So , this are the most easiest link building strategies. Even our SEO agency uses this link building strategies and even improver our business ranking on the search engine. Just keep in mind one thing, the link you will be making must come from the relevant sources , then only you will get backlink for your site.