8 Home Cleaning Tips for a Quick Clean!


When the dust starts to settle, it’s time for a quick home clean up! House cleaning can be a chore, especially if you already have a busy schedule that you need to squeeze cleaning tasks in. With our 8 home cleaning tips, you’ll be able to save time and energy, and still keep your home spotless!

1.  Hire professional cleaning services.

Professional cleaning services may sound intimidating, but many cleaning companies nowadays offer affordable and efficient cleaning packages that cater to any home. Home cleaning services range from one-time cleaning, to a weekly or daily cleaning schedule with a part-time maid.

Hiring cleaning experts to do the job ensures that your home is cleaned from top to bottom, while at no hassle to you or your family. Hiring professional cleaning services is perfect for families who have more things to do everyday than they have time to do them. 

2.  Schedule your cleaning per room.

When you tackle cleaning the whole house in one go, you could end up tired, and you may not be able to finish all the tasks in such little time. Some cleaning chores involve a lot of waiting too, so you can’t necessarily tackle all the chores in one day.

Instead, spread out your cleaning chores per room throughout different days. You’ll use up less energy, get more done in less time, and house cleaning won’t feel like a chore anymore!

3.  Make a convenient cleaning caddy.

For a convenient grab and go cleaning regimen, create a convenient cleaning caddy that has all the items you need to start cleaning. Looking for the different cleaning utensils and solutions is a hassle, and it takes up more of your time. A cleaning caddy organizes your cleaning implements so you can just grab the whole basket and start your cleaning regimen!

4.  Make cleaning fun for the whole family.

One great way to ease up on the house chores is to get the entire family to contribute. Even if you all have your own busy schedules, delegating the home cleaning tasks around the household spreads out these chores so everyone does their share. Make chores fun by turning it into a friendly, competitive game!

Keep a whiteboard in the hallway or on the fridge where everyone can see it, and use this to track the cleaning tasks for the week. The family member who has done the most chores can receive a special perk: like picking out the dinner for one night, or choosing the next family outing destination. You’ll keep track of the chores done around the house, and have fun too!

5.  Utilize your vacuum for more than just the floors.

The vacuum cleaner has attachments for a reason! Use the same vacuum cleaner you use to clean your floors to clean other areas of your house for a quick and convenient cleaning! Just replace the attachment with a nozzle tip to clean out the cobwebs on your ceiling, or use the flathead attachment to easily remove dust from beds, sofas, and furniture.

6.  Start with the time-consuming cleaning tasks.

There are a couple of cleaning chores that require you to let the cleaning solution soak for anytime between a few minutes to an hour. Laundry also takes time to dry, so when washing fabric covers or letting solutions sit, do these tasks first. While you wait, you can tackle other smaller tasks. This optimizes your cleaning schedule, and quickens your chores.

7.  Make one-pan recipes on busy nights.

Cooking is fun, but the mess that comes with cooking can be a hassle. For those extra-busy nights, compile a list of one-pot or one-pan recipes you can easily whip up at a moment’s notice. Make good use of your oven, slow cooker, or air fryer, and get these to cook for you! You’ll end up with only one or two dishes to clean up after.

8.  Quick clean your oven with vinegar and baking soda.

For a quick clean of your oven, you can use vinegar and baking soda instead of attempting to scrub out all those food bits and burnt sauce spills. Scrubbing can also damage the surface of your oven, but give vinegar and baking soda some time, and you can easily lift out the stains without any hassle! Do this once every two weeks or so, and you’ll have a clean oven.