9 Tips To Survive In The Field: Oilfield Services and Supplies
9 Tips To Survive In The Field: Oilfield Services and Supplies

Clients feel great to see the price of the oil at the pump very cheap, but as an oilfield services and supplies company, not much can be so bad. According to the New York Times, oil or petroleum has been in its deepest downturn since the 1990s, if not earlier. By the end of January 2016, according to estimation, more than 250,000 oilfield services companies’ employees had lost their jobs due to the fall in oil prices. 

Here are a few tips that can assist you in surviving in the field as oilfield services and supplies provider. 

1. Expenses:

Like other businesses, oilfield services and Supply companies have a lot of expenses. It is essential to review all those expenses, even the little ones. Although you might think they don’t matter to your entire budget, everything can add to your oilfield services and supplies company. When times are difficult, reducing the little expenses. It can save your organization money and assist you in suffering the downturn in oil prices.

2. Cheaper Options:

Few expenses can’t be mitigated as these are essential for your oilfield services and supplies company. However, there needs to be a more budget-friendly and cheaper choice than your current prices. 

3. Other Services:

Are there other things you can consider if you’re not looking for enough work in the oilfield? 

Just because you’re an oilfield services and supplies company doesn’t mean that it is the main thing you can provide. Be creative and employ a few resources and the people you have to look for the new work.

4. Advertising:

Advertising your business can be an excellent investment for an oilfield services and supplies company or any other company if it’s feasible, partners with any other firm, and reduces the advertising expenses. 

5. Cash Flow:

As an oilfield services and supplies company, many of your clients pay 30, 60, or even 90-plus days from the exact date of invoice. It would help if you had a consistent cash flow; it is essential to keep your organization afloat. With creative services like invoice factoring, you can get paid instantly on your invoices on the same day or at the same time.

6. Negotiate:

People negotiate with your oilfield services and supplies company every time, so there is no cause you can’t do it either. Always look for any discount you can get from your vendors or suppliers.

7. Equipment:

Kindly look around; do you require new tools for your company? If money is insufficient, it may be better for you to lease your oilfield services and supply the company’s tools rather than purchasing them.

8. Go For Green:

It is not only good for the environment, but it can reduce costs. You can use this method by mitigating the use of paper and saving money, time, and labor.

9. Look for New Work:

If your oilfield services and supply company has been around for many years, you probably have a few clients you depend on. Search out for new work in new areas for your oilfield services and supply company. It would help if you geared up with networking at events or many trade shows. It can lead to a few innovative opportunities or spark great ideas for your oilfield services and supplies company.

From Data to Intelligence; Best Approach for Oilfield services and supplies company

So, how do you turn simple information into valuable intelligence? 

  1. Collection & Evaluation –collect just the correct data for the final decision. Evaluate what’s not helpful.
  2. Collation –manage the data in an approach that supports decision-making.
  3. Analysis – Study the accurate data to evaluate the right thing to do or what to do not. Measure the risk engaged in the choices available.
  4. Reporting – Report to others what you learn throughout the process, then decide.
  5. Dissemination – Direct those who must take action on the final decision.
  6. Reevaluation –Evaluate how successful the decision was.
  7. Management – Revise the entire data collection and analysis based on what learns from the decision results.

Successful oilfield services and supplies companies are often good at steps 4 through 7. But finding the exact data and turning it into intelligence, steps 1 through 3, pose the biggest challenge for many reasons.

In addition to various problems around quantity & quality, companies face the challenges of making the data more valuable. Getting exact data into a format that makes it easier and simple to understand is a huge problem. 

Also, analytical equipment is often expensive and difficult to use. This makes bottlenecks around determining the data to create intelligence, and being competitive needs brilliant options on often tough decisions. That needs using data that is tough to connect directly.

Why we are best for oilfield services and supplies:

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