One orgasm is great, so what if it’s multiple times? This is what is known as multiorgasm. Reported by Men’s Health , multiorgasm is more common in the owner of the vulva. The reason is that the vulva has a shorter refractory period than the penis. As a result, the owner of the vulva can remain aroused longer and experience peak sex more than once.

Then, what exactly is an orgasm and how to achieve multiorgasm for women ? Find out the full description in this article, yes!

What is an orgasm?

The American Psychological Association defines orgasm as a peak of pleasure marked by the release of tension. In addition, this moment allows the muscles of the perineum, anal sphincter, and reproductive organs to contract rhythmically.

Generally, orgasm takes the form of ejaculation in men. As for women, orgasm is characterized by contraction of the vaginal walls. This can occur simultaneously with ejaculation or not.

Reported by Medical News Today , orgasm in women generally occurs for 20-35 seconds. There are many types of orgasm in women depending on the point of stimulation, including clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, mixed orgasm, anal orgasm, nipple orgasm, and multiorgasm.

According to Masters and Johnson, there are four phases of orgasm that are generally experienced by women. This phase can be repeated depending on the stimulus given.

Excitement: Stimulation causes the blood vessels in the genitals to dilate, increases blood supply through the vaginal walls, and causes the vulva to expand and moisten. Generally also occurs faster breathing and increased blood pressure
Plateau: This moment occurs when blood flow to the vulva reaches its maximum limit, causing the muscles to pull. Increased blood flow also occurs to the areola and makes the nipple erect
Orgasm: All genital muscles, including the uterus and vaginal opening, undergo rhythmic contractions. This happens with an interval of about 0.8 seconds
Resolution : The body returns to its original state with the pulse and breathing gradually returning to normal.

How to achieve multiorgasm for women

It’s not enough once, getting multiorgasm is a pleasure in itself when having sex with a partner. However, you can actually do multiorgasm when you ‘play’ alone, you know.

There are several ways that you can do alone or with your partner to achieve orgasm more than once. Here are some of them.

1. Relax and release the load

Targeting yourself to be able to multiorgasm in one sex session will actually make you burdened. This expectation triggers stress during intercourse which ultimately makes it difficult for you to reach the peak of pleasure. Fyi, the brain is an important sexual organ. So, keep your mind as relaxed as possible, okay?

Instead of burdening yourself with expectations, it is better to let go afterwards. Do what you and your partner want in the moment together. Create a cozy atmosphere and full of stimulation that can even bring about multiorgasm.

2. Know yourself

The only one who can feel yourself is you. Exploring the body to find out the best arousal points is very helpful to get multiorgasm. To be more relaxed, masturbation can be the most comfortable option to get to know yourself.

With masturbation, you don’t have to think about sex performance. Just understand what you like and don’t like during sexual activity . Taking time for yourself gives you interesting facts about your own body. In addition, getting to know the body also helps increase confidence in front of your partner later.

3. Create a stimulus

Alone or with a partner, stimulation is important to trigger orgasm. Likewise with multiorgasm. The presence of an intimate or challenging ‘sting’ can increase sex drive.

If you want to get multiorgasm, the emergence of feelings and desires during sexual activity must be maintained. Therefore, make sure to provide stimulant stimulation, especially when the body relaxes again after the first orgasm.

4. Use sex toys

One short way to trigger repeated orgasms is to use sex toys . However, sex toys provide ‘unique’ stimuli such as vibration, bending, suction, and even a pulsating sensation. Sex toys can be a fun break in the middle of sexual activity.

For starters, consider choosing a clitoral vibrator. This tool is a stimulant can provide stimulation in women’s sensitive points. You can use it during foreplay , during penetration, or during the afterplay pause to the next sex session.

5. Explore other excitatory points

The area around the vulva is indeed a fun spot to play. With just a little touch, can bring extraordinary passion. However, too focused there actually cause boredom. The clitoris even becomes very sensitive after orgasm.

While waiting for the body to return to normal after the initial orgasm , take advantage of the moment to explore other stimulation points, such as the nipples or buttocks. If with a partner, whispering sexy around the ear can also trigger arousal and make the body prepare for the next climax.

6. Make variations of the movement

Penetrating or giving stimulation with constant motion is very tiring. Not only that, the lack of movement variation also causes boredom. This is important to avoid when you want to achieve multiorgasm.

Instead of doing it fast or slow continuously, set the tempo of the movement so that it is zigzagging and unpredictable. If you do it in pairs, make sure your partner feels comfortable, yes. Because, a speck of discomfort can prevent women from getting their orgasms.

7. Change sex position

The position of the comfort zone can be a barrier to multiorgasm. If you and your partner want, there’s nothing wrong with changing sex positions . Invite your partner to try new positions that may not have been tried before.

In fact, there are several positions that provide direct stimulation to the female g-spot . The most popular are doggy style and woman on top. An attack on this excitatory point can trigger an orgasm more quickly.

8. Use the help of lubrication

Orgasm in women is not always present with ejaculation. Ensuring the vagina remains lubricated improves the quality of intercourse. A vagina that is not properly lubricated can be painful and even cause blisters.

Therefore, so that the mood for sex does not suddenly drop, always pay attention to vaginal lubrication. You can use the help of lubricating fluids to get an exciting sex sensation and trigger multiorgasm.

9. Give a little pressure

Not a few of women can experience multiorgasm due to stimulation with pressure. For example, you or your partner can provide nipple stimulation using a clamp and the like.

Another form of ‘pressure’ that a partner can give is to play the tongue in sensitive areas, including the clitoris . Some people find this to be a sting that triggers arousal. However, don’t forget to communicate it to your partner first before trying it, OK!

Using a pillow as a backrest can be a tip to complement the way to achieve multiorgasm for women. This position with raised hips can trigger an extraordinary orgasm. Are you ready to try it?