A 2022 BlueBeam Revu Pricing vs Mosaic Pricing Review

A 2022 BlueBeam Revu Pricing vs Mosaic Pricing Review

Time flies too fast, and just like that year, 2022 is coming to an end. Have you accomplished your business goals? Or are you still crying over making the wrong project management software selection? Before bidding farewell to 2022, you should try to turn your wrongs into rights. And we know that you are looking for a way to get out of the mess seeking a synchronized way of dealing with projects.  

Basically, the answer lies in this BlueBeam Revu pricing vs Mosaic pricing analysis. Going through this analytic guide, you will know that investing in high-priced PM solutions is not always the best choice. Because sometimes pricey solutions suck too. They are not always the most effective options for project handling. They do nothing more than add to your workflow complexities. So, bear this in mind while switching from your misfitted PM solution to an effective one.  

Here we go with this BlueBeam Revu pricing vs Mosaic pricing analysis.  

Exploring BlueBeam and Mosaic 

There are better approaches than diving directly into the price details of BlueBeam Revu and Mosaic. So, first, we will review the basic concepts of Mosaic software and Bluebeam software.  

Mosaic Software

Let’s begin with the review of Mosaic software. Mosaic is a highly competent and top-rated project management solution. Mosaic Pricing offers assistance to marketing, architecture, engineering, and consultancy firms. Mosaic is an all-rounder featuring project management, budget and time tracking, resource management, dashboards and reporting, and capability planning modules. Simply put, it does not just deal with handling projects. Instead, Mosaic deals with optimizing overall business operations.  

The Features Offered

Just hearing about the features of Mosaic software is not all. You should schedule a demo with Mosaic to gain real-time insights about its services. By scheduling a demo, you will get a chance to explore the services of Mosaic however you deem fit. Also, the Mosaic software’s demo elaborates on how it tackles project inefficiencies and supercharges the revenue of businesses.  

Task management 

Time tracking 

Project Portfolio 

Budget tracking 

Workload and utilization reports 

Sharable dashboards 

Custom Integrations 

Project data fields 

Two-factor authentication 

A noteworthy point in this Mosaic software review is its feature diversity. It leaves no room for ambiguities in project handling by efficiently estimating budgets, planning resources, and more, taking projects to completion effortlessly.  

Bluebeam Software 

Our review analysis shows BlueBeam is a multifunctional platform for enhancing team collaboration. It comprises effective solutions for architects, engineers, contractors, marketing, and business enterprises. It’s not just a basic project management tool but it is much more than that. Bluebeam Revu streamlines site logistics, estimation, punch, submittals, design reviews, document management, and project handover workflows. Also, it supports PDF creation, editing, organizing, and markups, enhancing project efficiency.  

The Features Offered

The best way to explore the features of BlueBeam Revu is by setting up a demo. The demo of BlueBeam finely elaborates on all its integrated tools and services. By examining the demo, you can clearly understand how it handles project workflow and improves team coordination. For now, let’s stick to the feature range of BlueBeam Software.  

PDF Creation 

Markup creation 

Markup editor 

Project studios 

Digital signatures 

Advanced volume and angle measurement tools 

Takeoff tools 

Basic reporting 

Document tracking 

Plug-ins and integration 

Project data exporting 

Field tools 

The reviews of BlueBeam Revu state that it’s an exceptional tool, especially for construction teams. It features cloud storage, built-in integrations, and instant document sharing to connect off-site and field teams. Most importantly, reviews say BlueBeam Revu offers the most compact project closeout service. As a result, construction businesses can go down the road without any hassle.  

The Price Analysis 

Proceeding forwards with this Bluebeam Revu pricing vs Mosaic pricing analysis, we will now explore the cost structures. You know how these solutions work, what they offer, and what clients think about them. The next step is to assess if the cost structures of BlueBeam Revu and Mosaic are set accordingly.  

Bluebeam Revu Pricing

Bluebeam Revu is an affordable solution offering four-cost plans. All its plans are filled to the brim with versatile and reliable functionalities. Bluebeam Revu practices a yearly price structure but still doesn’t burden organizations. The details of BlueBeam Revu’s cost structure will leave you awestruck. Here’s the price range of all the bundles of BlueBeam Revu.  


It costs just $240/user annually, or you can say $20/month.  


This cost plan of BlueBeam Revu charges $400/user annually or, to be exact, $33.33/user/month. 


The price of this BlueBeam Revu package is $300/user annually or $25/month/user.  


It is a customized plan. Contact sales to get the details of this price plan of BlueBeam Revu. 

Mosaic Pricing 

Mosaic software is also a cost-effective option for firms. The cost range of Mosaic starts from just $9.99/user/month. From Mosaic solution reviews, we evaluated that its pricing bundles offer a large value for money. On the whole, this platform offers three pricing packages. An interesting fact is all price plans start from 15 users. Find the details of the cost plans of Mosaic below: 

Team Plan

This compact plan costs nothing more than $9.99/user/month. For 15 users, it costs $149.85/month, billed annually, excluding the implementation fee.  

Business Plan

The business plan costs $14.99/user/month. For 15 users, the business plan charges $224.85/month, billed annually, excluding implementation and integration fees.  

Enterprise Plan

The cost structure of the enterprise plan of Mosaic is customized. Teams can contact sales to know what it charges. The plan also excludes implementation and integration fees.  

Final Remarks 

That’s all from this BlueBeam Revu Pricing vs Mosaic pricing analysis. Now, the final decision is up to you. In our opinionated version, BlueBeam is better for construction and architecture businesses. And for marketing and consultancy firms, Mosaic software offers more comprehensive services, as its review suggests.  

If we were to end this review analysis by picking one vendor, Mosaic would be a clear winner, for it offers a high-profile feature range and costs less than BlueBeam software. This review illustrates Mosaic surely beats BlueBeam with keen attention to detail. It is all about optimizing business workflow. However, BlueBeam software deals with the complexity of document management, take-offs, etc, simplifying processes for construction teams.