A Beginner’s Guide to Things to Be Considered for NDIS Pricing Arrangements

NDIS plan

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) includes a set of guidelines regarding price controls. Having a proper understanding of NDIS pricing arrangement is as necessary for the support care professionals as well as participants. The pricing provisions ensure that the eligible participants get services within a specific range.

What is NDIS Pricing Arrangement?

NDIS pricing arrangement makes sure that participants get value for money in terms of professional support care services they receive. It includes price limits for different support services and items. All NDIS support care professionals need to abide by these price limits and charge accordingly.

The pricing arrangement also includes information regarding claim types. It will help you understand whether a support item falls under the category of non-face-to-face or travel or other types of cost.

Ensure Cost-Effectiveness with NDIS Pricing Arrangements

Keep in mind the following factors to get the maximum benefit from NDIS pricing arrangements:

  • Negotiable Pricing: The price limit states the maximum amount participants need to provide to the support care providers or for the assistive equipment. However, it is not the set price. Individuals can negotiate how much they will have to give to the recipient, thereby, reducing the overall cost. 
  • Leverage Applicable Addenda: There are also different addenda that individual participants can claim besides the NDIS plan. These will help them secure an extra advantage.

Which Addenda are Available under NDIS Pricing Arrangements?

NDIS support care providers can claim the following benefits as an addendum under NDIS Plan, if applicable:

  • Bereavement Addendum: There are certain support items that come into the list of this bereavement addendum. Support providers can place a claim for these support items after the demise of participants. 
  • Covid Addendum: It lists some temporary measures that participants could claim in addition to benefits of the NDIS plan during the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Addendum for Residential Projects: This addendum comes under the project of Home and Living Demonstration. These residential projects are issued for the benefit of NDIS support providers.

Things to Know About Pricing Arrangements

Here are a few aspects of pricing arrangements that participants as well as support providers should ideally keep in mind:

  • Regular Fluctuation in the Pricing Limit: The pricing for support items changes from time to time. NDIS plan managers must keep these things in mind while providing their services. 
  • Location-Wise Pricing: This pricing can also be different across participants’ locations. For example, if participants reside in a remote area, they may have to bear extra costs. 
  • No Exit Charges Applicable: NDIS support providers cannot charge any amount if participants decide to take their support services from another professional. Participants have the option to change support providers as per their choice.

NDIS pricing arrangements let participants ensure that they get support services at a fair price. It sets the maximum amount providers can charge from participants who again have the right to negotiate it further.