Despite a police investigation into allegations of sexual assault and exploitation against Andrew Tate, the head of security for the notorious influencer has offered a dismissive assessment of the women who surrounded him. Tate disputes each and every charge.

Bogdan Stancu claimed, in an exclusive interview with the BBC, that since he started working there two years ago, more than 100 women have walked through Mr. Tate’s complex in Bucharest.

The ex-police intelligence officer claimed that although he was occasionally asked to forcibly eject ladies from the Tate residence because they were “too inebriated” or “creating disturbances,” no force was ever applied.

In Romania, authorities are currently holding Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan for 30 days as they look into rape and trafficking-related claims.

The story has drawn attention to the attitudes and treatment of women in their Bucharest household.

According to Mr. Stancu, his boss’s public demeanor is the complete reverse of who he really is. However, his opinions regarding the girlfriends, models, and other women in the Tate house are open-book.

He claimed that Andrew Tate covered the expenses of the majority of the women that visited the brothers in their complex and who were under the age of 25.

According to Mr. Stancu, “several of the females misread the situation and thought [they] would be his next wife.” “It’s simple to go from a friend to an opponent, and give a statement to the police,” they said after realizing the situation.

Bogdan Stancu’s lack of trust in the women accusing Andrew Tate contrasts sharply with his allegiance to his boss.

He assured me, “I never question Andrew.”

Additionally, his justification for disbelieving the testimony of Mr. Tate’s accusers is equally startling coming from one of the millionaire’s most senior employees.

They are young and foolish, he declared.

But, he continued, it was proper for the police to look into these serious accusations, and if the Tate brothers were finally charged and found guilty, they should be held accountable.

He revealed a little bit more of Andrew Tate’s inner fears by claiming that his employer thought “someone wanted to hurt him.”

Mr. Tate said he wasn’t sure where the threat was coming from.

The security head was asked if these worries amounted to paranoia, and he responded, “I wouldn’t say ‘paranoid,’ but something like maybe. He tried to live a normal life but was unable to, so perhaps being slightly more worried is normal.

Mr. Stancu claimed that the social media sensation might be impetuous when on the go, altering his plans at a moment’s notice and traveling to other locations.

He explained that because they were aware that anything may happen, “[the security crew] stayed inside the hotel with the luggage locked and without changing our clothing.”

Additionally, he stated that Mr. Tate and his brother Tristan each had numerous children residing in Romania and that they occasionally traveled there to see them.

Over the past week, investigators have expanded their lines of inquiry.

They took away Mr. Tate’s collection of expensive vehicles on Saturday. The image of his gleaming dove-grey Porsche sitting on the broken frame of a police tow truck perfectly represented his change in fortunes from a wealthy internet personality to a crucial suspect in a human trafficking investigation.

Last Monday, police extended their inquiry to seven other sites, including a Tates estate in northern Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.

The Tate villa, which was searched by police on Thursday, is located in the town of Comarnic, two hours’ drive to the north. Small homemade huts are perched on the property’s high surrounding walls.

The property, according to local neighbors, underwent a comprehensive renovation last year and was just recently finished.

Beldica Trandafir resides next to the villa’s front gate in a dilapidated apartment building.

Mr. Trandafir informed me, “The construction supervisor requested me to work on the electrics, but after hearing what they needed, I told them it was much above what I understood how to perform.

The mansion offers “all the luxuries you can think of,” he claimed inside.

It’s quite opulent, he said. It is divided into flats, and they could afford to construct a swimming pool — things that people like us might only dare to imagine.

This investigation’s main focus is on Andrew Tate’s source of income.

Police are investigating if he used promises of a committed relationship or marriage to entice women to Romania before coercing or coercing them into working as models for him in pornographic chat rooms.

In addition, they are investigating rape claims made by one of the witnesses.

Six women have been identified as prospective victims, according to the investigators. However, two of the women under inquiry publicly denied last week that the Tate brothers had ever mistreated them.

The women worked in the Bucharest complex where Andrew Tate lived with his brother and the models who worked for his adult webcam business. The women’s tattoos read “Property of Tate” and “Tate Girl.”

Their identities have been confirmed by a Tate employee for the BBC.

One of the ladies, identified as Beatrice, claimed to have been “close friends” with the Tate brothers for two years and got “Tate Girl” tattooed on her arm “out of respect for them” in an interview with Romania’s Antena 1 TV channel.

Jasmin, the second woman, claimed she had never witnessed Tristan or Mr. Tate acting “aggressively or rudely.”

Never was I ever in danger, Beatrice claimed. “If I were, I wouldn’t be so foolish as to remain in that house.

If I’m not a victim, you can’t refer to me as one in the case file,

Beatrice described how 20 police officers barged into the property in December and went upstairs to a bedroom where, according to Beatrice, two other women had barricaded themselves in anticipation of the raid.

“They tore down the door. Beatrice reported that “the women yelled.”

However, the officers were unaware that the bedroom key was on the bed.

Others with various recollections of the raid have been interviewed by BBC News.

The Tates and the two Romanian women who were jailed with them have not yet been charged. Nevertheless, the case is already sending a clear message to both traffickers and victims, according to Mihaela Dragus, a spokeswoman for Romania’s National Anti-Trafficking Agency.

Andrew Tate describes his decision to relocate to Romania in one of his social media videos from 2017.

The #MeToo era is one of his motivations, he claims. “People accuse you of being a rapist. No, I am not a rapist, but I do appreciate the thought of being liberated to do as I choose.

“If she tells the [Romanian] police that he sexually assaulted her yesterday, they will respond by asking, “Do you have any proof? Is there CCTV evidence?

None of this provides proof that Mr. Tate engaged in human trafficking or rape, but Laura Stefan, a well-known anti-corruption activist and legal expert who works with the Expert Forum think tank, believes that Mr. Tate’s assessment of Romania’s stance on sexual crimes is accurate.

She said, “In a way, he’s right. I think he made a good estimate, but listening to him and the way he expressed why he came here, I could identify to that.

But she asserts that things are altering.

“Trafficking is a big issue in Romania, and I think the Romanian authorities have realized that this needs to be addressed,” she said.

That entails dealing with the victims and offering them support, in addition to looking into a few hotshots.

Romania achieved enough progress in 2017 to be removed off the US Trafficking In Persons report’s radar.

However, the report reiterated worries regarding Romanian officials’ involvement in human trafficking.

This case, involving a divisive, well-known individual with dual citizenship between the United States and the United Kingdom, has renewed attention on how Romania responds to accusations of organized crime and sexual exploitation.

The public is quite interested in this case.

Whatever the reality of what goes on behind the tall black gates of his enclosure, this case is a test for the Romanian government as well as Andrew Tate’s reputation.