A brand new Monkey Island 2 sequel is actually stemming from Ron Gilbert


My human brain is actually a little cracking along with the headlines that: 1) a brand new Monkey Island video activity is actually coming; 2) it is led through Ron Gilbert, the professional of the 1st pair of piratical funny journey games; and also 3) it is a straight sequel towards Monkey Island 2, a video game which actually has actually a sequel. Exceptional headlines. Happened enjoy the trailer introducing Profit Towards Monkey Island.

The authors, Devolver Electronic claim this brand-brand new video activity “choices up where Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Retribution left behind off.” Which is actually a interested scenario, taking into consideration that 1997’s The Curse Of Monkey Island is actually collection after the activities of Monkey Island 2. Nonetheless, Gilbert carried out add Twitter, “MI3 does not walk out of canon. Our experts were actually really mindful approximately that. Murray is actually within this particular video activity.”

The representative MI3 coming from LucasArts kinda sidestepped Monkey Island 2’s finishing, observe. And also Ron Gilbert possessed left behind LucasArts just before at that point, and also had not been entailed. It is a respectable video activity, yet certainly not the one Gilbert would’ve intended to bring in. He’s spoken about desire for a brand new Monkey Island 3 for time, claiming that years rear he possessed gone over along with LucasArts which went no place. He also attacked up Disney on Twitter in 2016:

Video recording Video activity Record Base livestream in 2020, Gilbert claimed that he possessed “the extensive strokes” cleared up. He described, “The 3rd video activity in
was actually consistently that Guybrush will visit Heck, and also the satanic force pirate LeChuck will be actually down certainly there certainly and also he will be actually performing a bunch of exactly just what he will be actually performing in Heck.” Whether that is exactly just what this video activity is actually, and also exactly just how this video activity ultimately transpired, I’ll be actually amazed towards listen to.

Monkey Island is actually produced through Horrible Toybox, the workshop where Gilbert and also chums produced respectable journey video activity Thimbleweed Playground. Gilbert is actually top Profit Towards Monkey Island along with an excellent group. He’s creating and also creating it along with Dave Grossman, that serviced the originals (and also eventually co-designed Time of The Tentacle along with Tim Schafer, and also was actually layout supervisor on Telltale’s episodic Stories Of Monkey Island). And also LucasArts composers Michael Property, Peter McConnel, and also Clint Bajakian are actually performing songs. And also Dominic Armato is actually rear as the exceptional vocal of Guybrush Threepwood.

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