A breakdown of firearms ammunition-free firearms training

A breakdown of firearms ammunition-free firearms training
A breakdown of firearms ammunition-free firearms training

Non-ammunition firearms training is about performing the steps of a real shot: draw, aim, and fire. The trigger is cocked and the firing cartridge strikes the empty chamber. The cartridge does not explode in the chamber and the firearm does not recoil.

Before handling a firearm, make sure that the magazines are not loaded with cartridges and that the chamber is empty. Also, always point your firearm in a safe direction, even when dry firing, as this is important for maintaining safe habits.

Dry firing training has many benefits that we’ll talk more about, but the main goal of training is to become better at shooting a pistol. Dry firing gives you a real-time look at what you are doing without the distraction of gun noise and explosions. Adding dry fire training is the fastest way to improve your shooting skills. 

With regular dry fire training, the following benefits will quickly become apparent.

1- Removing the gun from the holster will be the same every time. This is directly related to live fire training, as an inconsistent grip is a major factor in missing the target.

2- Your natural aiming point improves. You should be able to look at one point, then draw your weapon, aim at that point, and keep your sights aligned. By repeating finding your natural aiming point quickly and efficiently, you will be able to make this skill second nature.

3- If you draw your weapon with the sights aligned, you will be able to move between targets so that the sights are where you were aiming.

4- Gun handling skills improve. Shooting and reloading become smooth and quick.

5- Pulling the trigger straight back becomes natural. If this part is not done correctly, aiming will be compromised, resulting in misses.

These are the basics of effective shooting. Continuous dry-fire practice will allow you to see the areas in your shot that need to be corrected in order to shoot quickly and accurately.

Training with firearms without ammunition has other benefits besides improving your shooting technique. With the skyrocketing cost of ammunition, dry-fire training allows a shooter to greatly improve their skills without spending a fortune on ammunition. Training can be done at home rather than spending time visiting a shooting range. In addition, today with a virtual shooting range, one can recreate any target environment and be at the shooting range without leaving home. This helps save money on range fees and time traveling and preparing for shooting.

Safety is another factor that is enhanced when practicing with dry fire. Live firing always involves a certain amount of risk. When live ammunition is used, there is a chance of an accident or mishandling of the weapon, both to yourself and others around you. Dry firing is a safe way to improve your gun handling skills without increased risk in a safe environment where any mistakes will not lead to serious consequences.

There are many benefits to practicing this way, for example, it is one of the fastest ways to improve your shooting skills, save money on ammunition, range fees, time and increase shooter safety.