Patio furniture that is both comfortable and functional enhances your outdoor living areas. A plain backyard stone patio may be converted into a comfort hangout region with a large table and comfortable seats.

When a porch is outfitted with a wicker sofa and a traditional rocking chair, both with luxurious cushions, it can quickly become a second family room during the hotter months. Even little places like balconies and pocket gardens will entice you outside when paired with the correct patio furniture.

Use the guidelines below to help you select the finest wicker outdoor furniture for your property. Planning ahead of time will help your backyard become your new favorite area for relaxing, dining, and entertaining.

Premium-Quality Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is the best material for framing anything. Though it oxidizes with time, it does not rust and remains strong. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to move the furniture.

Some companies take advantage of this feature by using thin or low-grade metal as frames. To solve this issue, seek an aluminum frame with at minimum a 1.2-millimeter gauge.

A steel frame is yet another viable alternative. It is long-lasting but erodes with time, making it inferior to aluminum.

Keep In Mind the Weight

You will almost certainly have to assemble your wicker furniture yourself. Is it too hefty for you to handle and assemble by yourself? Wicker furnishings are lighter by nature. However, if it is coupled with hardwood or metal, it may weigh quite a bit.

Never fall for deceiving appearances. Furthermore, extra decorations like glass tops can frequently add to the heaviness.

Wicker Fabric Options

Polyester is an excellent seat cushion fabric when your furnishings are used infrequently and are not exposed to bright sun. Polyester comes in a variety of colors, tints, and patterns, but it fades in direct sunlight.

Just 100% acrylic material will withstand seasonal change and retain its colors for an extended period of time. Even so, while not in use, keep the cloth in the shadow to extend its life.

Check Out the Weaving

Flat rattan is the lightest and most commonly used. Ratten with narrowly rounded finishing uses the highest rattan in the weaving process, making the furniture heavier. A thicker finish, as opposed to the flat rattan weave, will make the furnishings sturdier for a longer period.

Good woven wicker is always tight and straight, and it lasts longer. On the other hand, a poorly woven wicker is uneven or shoddy, offering little comfort or support. Therefore, always search for a tightly weaved furnishing to avoid a cheap, weak weave that droops every time you sit.

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