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Are you tired of the acne scars on your pretty face? Although acne or no acne, you are still beautiful. Who doesn’t like clear facial skin? That is why it’s probably the best time to reach out to skin pen facial treatment in Delray Beach and get a clear scar-free face. This treatment will make your face acne-free and enhance your complexion, improving the look of wrinkles on your neck. You will get healthy and smooth skin that will glow from within and not outside.

What Is SkinPen Treatment?

The skin pen treatment is the only and very first Class II microneedling clinical device that the FDA has studied, cleared, and approved to launch in the market for treating facial acne scars. It’s incredible to encounter such an effective device that will help you get your desired skin texture. However, if you think it only works on acne scars, you might be mistaken because it works on more than that. After going through skin pen treatment, you will notice a significant improvement in your overall skin texture and skin tone, reducing the fine lines and skin discolouration. Additionally, it has also worked miraculously in decreasing stretch marks.

What is Microneedling?

A minimally invasive cosmetic process that helps teat skin issues through collagen production in what we term microneedling. The specialists also call it collagen induction therapy. You can also have it as an anti-aging treatment, for instance, sunspots and eyelid surgery. Although it requires more research, studies have revealed the potential advantages of micro-needling in hair growth.

Result of the Skin Pen Process

Even though most of the patients of skin pen facial treatment in Delray Beach see improvement instantly after the process, it will require up to 4 weeks for its full results to be visible. However, the progress will continue for six months. Many patients undergo a series of 3-4 treatments within a gap of 4 weeks apart. Medical surveys revealed that the patients had encountered 45-55% overall enhancement in their skin. They could feel their skin feel smoother and look more apparent. They have also reported that they have noticed a reduction in skin crepiness and fine lines along with their ance-scar improvement. Moreover, most patients gave feedback about how their skin texture and tone have improved noticeably.

Phases of Pen Skin

The skin pen treatment comprises three phases to arrange the wound repair process. The three phases are:

Stage I: Inflammation– Skin piercing activates your immune system to purify the wound, eliminate debris, raise blood flow and start to make new tissue.

Stage II: Proliferation- This phase rebuilds new granulation cells essential for the extracellular framework. Moreover, another network of veins creates.

Stage III: Remodeling- This phase helps replace the wound with new blood vessels and dermal tissues. 


However, as beneficial as the process is, it also requires attention and care to carry out the entire process. Thus, going in for the treatment without knowing the clinic may cost you more than expenses. The best place for skin pen facial treatment in Delray Beach is the “5th & Wellness”. They will not only take utmost care while performing the process over your face but you will, without a doubt, see the fantastic results quite soon.