A Comprehensive Guide to Umrah Packages

Guide to Umrah

Muslims have an immense value of pilgrimage. Hajj is the obligatory type of pilgrimage that can be performed once a year. Whereas, Umrah is the optional and lesser type of pilgrimage. Moreover, it can be done anytime except during the Hajj months. It is not only time-savvy but also economical for avid pilgrims. Recently, a massive rise in people embarking on an Umrah trip has been observed. Travel agencies have also reported this increasing trend.

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Value of Umrah Packages

These are no less than a blessing for Muslims in this era of hyping inflation. They are affordable offerings, simplifying Muslims’ Umrah journey. Generally, these packages are designed to cater to the pilgrims’ needs and desires. They are all in one solution that generally provides pilgrims with their desired accommodation, comfortable transportation, legal guidance, and 24/7 support.

Hence, these Umrah dealings are at hand to offer comfort and ease to the avid pilgrims.

What are The Famous Umrah Packages?

There is an endless list of Umrah dealings, offered by numerous travel agencies. The following are some of the most accepted Umrah offerings to the pilgrims:

  • Economy Umrah packages
  • Deluxe Umrah packages
  • Ramadan Umrah packages
  • December Umrah packages
  • Family Umrah packages
  • Group Umrah packages

And many more.

What are the General Offerings of Umrah Packages?

Typically, all types of Umrah dealings offer the same amenities. The major facilities provided by these packages are listed below:

  • Accommodation
  • Ground Transportation
  • Legal assistance
  • Support and guidance

Let’s delve into each of the above-listed points in depth.


It is one of the most concerning matters for pilgrims. Saudi Arabia contains a lot of staying places for them. These places include hotels, apartments, quarters, and suites. Umrah packages offer a list of such accommodating places to the pilgrims. Hence, availing these offerings allows pilgrims to select accommodation from a range of economical options to luxurious suites.

Ground Transportation

Relocation can cause trouble for pilgrims. Surely, they have to move between their hotel rooms, airports, and visiting places. Umrah packages provide them with the service of ground transportation. These packages offer them convenient vehicles, driven by professional drivers. Hence, pilgrims can easily commute between their desired locations by accepting these packages.

Legal Assistance

Travelling to the Saudi state is a complex and multi-step procedure. Indeed, this lengthy process consumes a lot of pilgrims’ time. Umrah packages simplify this whole procedure. They provide legal assistance to pilgrims. A professional travel operator is available to guide and prepare pilgrims with the required documents. Hence, agreeing to these packages help pilgrims in visa processing and bureaucratic procedure.

Therefore, simplify your Umrah journey and book these Umrah offerings. Immediately, contact Muslims Holy Travel and opt for your desired package.