A document checklist for first-time home buyers in Ahmedabad

Checklist for First-time home buyer in Ahmedabad
Checklist for First-time home buyer in Ahmedabad

If someone were to ask you to list your top five dreams, 99% of people would undoubtedly include owning a home. Yes, purchasing a home and making the favorable decision to live there is a unique sensation. 


When you purchase a 3 BHK apartment in Ahmedabad, you must have a basic understanding of the legal terms and paperwork involved in the transaction. First-time house buyers likely lack sufficient knowledge of the paperwork needed to complete the transaction. 


Details regarding the necessary property documents are provided in this section. You can put them on a list and be ready for your new home.

Property Documents You Must Need To Have


Residence Proof


If you are thinking of purchasing a new apartment in Ahmedabad, proof of current residency is essential. 


Electricity bills, driving licenses, passports, voter ID cards, Aadhar cards, and other documents as proof of residency are often used.


PAN Card


You indeed purchase or sell a real estate property while buying your apartment. So, an applicant must require a Permanent Account Number (PAN). It is a necessary document to do all kinds of transactions. 


Bank Account Statement 


Applicants must submit a copy of their bank account statements for the last six months as part of the application procedure for financial companies. This document is crucial from the perspective of loan providers because it shows whether you qualify for a house loan, which is necessary when buying a property.


Documents for Salaried Employees


  • Monthly Salary Slips


Lenders will ask for salary slips to assess your qualification for a mortgage. The applicant can provide pay slips from the previous three months. 


  • Employment Letter 


The lender will require you to provide evidence of your income before they would accept you for a home mortgage. Even while pay slips and tax returns are acceptable forms of proof of income, some lenders can also require a letter from the borrower to certify other papers. The letterhead must reflect the employee’s gross pay, current designation, employment status, and hire date.


  • Form 16 


The property paperwork checklist for salaried employees also includes Form 16, a document the employer must provide. The paper confirms that income tax has been withheld from your pay at the source and ensures the lender of the applicants’ continued employment. 


  • Additional relevant documents 


If you want to buy a 4 BHK flat in Ahmedabad, you also need these documents. It consists of a copy of your employee identification card, an experience letter, the company’s offer letter, and letters of resignation from previous employers.


Documents for Self-Employed Applicants


  • Profit and Loss Report 


The profit and loss (P&L) statement may reveal the company’s profitability. It gives the lender a clearer picture of the company’s overall revenue, which determines loan eligibility. 


  • Evidence of Business Existence 


Financial institutions occasionally need evidence of a company’s legitimacy. It is proof of an active business license or registration granted by a government. 


  • The business’s balance sheet 


A statement that details the assets, liabilities, and overall net value of your business is crucial for assessing its financial standing.


  • Financial Statement 


Depending on the tax category into which your income falls, most financing providers have a minimum requirement for being eligible for a house loan. You must be vigilant in filing your income tax returns if you want to buy real estate. You will often be needed to submit your income tax returns for the last two years.


  • Loan Specifics 


However, You will have to give current loan information, including the loan’s status and any outstanding debts (if any). Your home loan application will be completed by the loan provider using the data you have given. The likelihood of obtaining a mortgage loan increases with the amount of current debt.

How to prepare yourself for first-time home buying?


  • Identify your interests and risks involved in the type of property you are planning to invest in. You need to follow a few steps to come closer to your decision-making.
  • Shortlist some properties, do a competitor analysis, and do not hesitate to go for site visits to the shortlisted properties.
  • Do a complete background check by getting into every possible detail.
  • Get through the financial assistance if you require any.
  • Make a reasonable offer and get it well-negotiated before you close the deal in your favor or buy a flat in Ahmedabad.
  • After you have everything in place, you are just one step closer to making a final decision on Real Estate Investment.
Conclusive Thoughts


If you have all of these documents, you are prepared to purchase a 3 BHK luxury apartment in Ahmedabad. After completing a little paperwork, you can make your auspicious entry into your new house. 


Anywhere around the globe, purchasing real estate can be a laborious process. It is usually preferable to have specific documentation on hand to make the process easier and less stressful. D & C can support you through the home-buying process if you want to purchase property in Ahmedabad. It is our pleasure to help first-time homebuyers find their ideal residence.

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