A Guide to Gymnasium Floor Refinishing


One of the most valuable components of your sports facility is the hardwood gym floor. A clean, well-kept gym floor offers a secure playing area for sports. Both students and athletes can practice and improve their abilities to the fullest extent possible.

A sports floor’s performance depends on regular maintenance and cleaning procedures. But, sometimes, your floor will need a more thorough cleaning.

This comprehensive guide highlights all the information you require regarding gymnasium floor refinishing.

How Long does it take to get a Gymnasium Floor Refinished?

If you’re working with a skilled professional flooring contractor, the entire project can be finished in little more than two weeks during a brief school break.

It will take your contractor about a week to sand, paint, and complete the hardwood gym floor. It will take another week after the refinishing is finished for the finish to dry and support on-court activities.

What Takes Place During The Refinishing of a Gym Floor?

The entire court must be sanded to bare wood as part of this gymnasium floor refinishing procedure. Before moving on to the next step, the contractor can identify damaged boards that require replacement.

The flooring professional will fix any cracks between the boards and remove scratches from the hardwood floorboards if they do not need to be replaced. After that, sanding equipment is used to refinish the floor.

After applying the seal and finish, the contractor will paint the lines and logos per your specifications. A rag is used to tack the floor after the paint has dried. Once the paint has dried, your contractor will apply two coats of finish to protect it.

When is the Floor Safe to Use Again?

Until the floor is entirely dry, it shouldn’t be used since any dirt or debris that may fall on it before the finish has had time to cure could scratch it. To enable effective drying and curing, the indoor temperature and air humidity should be kept at the recommended levels during the drying process.

How Frequently Should Gym Floor Refinishing be Done?

Gymnasium floor refinishing is done every five to ten years, compared to screening and recoating, which needs to be carried out annually as a preventative step.

The frequency of use throughout the years will also affect how frequently you should sand and refinish your flooring.

How much does it cost to have a gym floor refinished?

A complete sanding and refinishing procedure cost includes all supplies, labor, gaming lines, logos, and clean-up costs following the project’s completion.

Remember that this is just a rough estimate and that prices can change depending on the contractor. The precise cost of your refinishing project will also rely on several essential elements, such as:

  • A measure of the area
  • The state of the gym floor
  • If upgrades and new boards are required
  • Location of your facility
  • If branding, staining, or painting is required
  • Different labor costs

Your hardwood gym floor will look brand new after being refinished since it will regain its luster. The gymnasium floor refinishing will increase its lifespan, guarantee peak performance, and protect athletes.