Title Insurance on Foreclosed Property is available. A foreclosure occurs when a bank seizes a home because the owner is unable to pay the mortgage. When this occurs, the bank assumes ownership of the property. Purchasing foreclosed properties isn’t easy. A foreclosure necessitates more due diligence than some other types of properties. That’s why we’ll explain how you’ll get foreclosure title insurance and how well we can assist you in obtaining it.


What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is your safeguard against mortgage lenders and the disorganized approach to foreclosure proceedings. Although mortgage lenders require title insurance, several title insurance providers reconsider their policies to cover repossessed property.

Title Insurance on Foreclosed Property is an indemnity policy that protects homeowners and mortgage lenders from financial loss resulting from title defects or legal claims on their property.

Title insurance is divided into two categories. An Owner’s policy refers to title insurance purchased by a property owner. Title insurance is referred to as a Loan Policy by mortgage lenders.


Title Insurance for Mortgage Lenders

One sort of Title Insurance on Foreclosed Property is for owners, and the other is for lenders. Only the mortgage lender is covered by a lender’s title insurance policy, not the property owner. If you’re buying a bank-owned property with a mortgage, the lender may compel you to get the lender’s title insurance on its account. The cost of the lender’s title insurance depends just on the loan’s initial amount, and it covers the entire loan amount.


Getting a Title Search Ordered

When buying a bank-owned property, you should at the very least conduct a check of public records for information on liens and unpaid property taxes. You can also order a title search on the property from a title business, albeit no title company can guarantee that a property’s title is defect-free 100 percent of the time. On the other hand, title firms undertake thorough title searches and produce an abstract of title, or a recitation of a property’s ownership history, that is relatively reliable.


What Is The Role Of Title Insurance In My Protection?

The property owner is protected by an owner’s policy, which is issued in the amount of the real estate transaction.

The mortgage lender is protected by the lender’s policy based on the loan’s dollar amount. The lender policy amount diminishes as the loan is paid off. A home owner’s title insurance protects them from any anomalies, such as: 

  • Legal errors or oversights.
  • Errors in the records of the investigation.
  • Falsifications
  • Successors who have not been identified.



You can request a title search before the property auction date to identify any legal concerns that may be buried and waiting to surface once you take ownership of the property. Overall making the process of obtaining your Title Insurance on Foreclosed Property easier and less time-consuming.