A Superlative Checklist of 10 Superb Moving Tips!


If you are moving from Mumbai to Cochin for the first time and you are unsettled and stressed out with your move, let go of your anxiety by appointing the packers and movers in Mumbai, because, for certain things and situations, seeking expert assistance is highly recommended. Now that is not enough, you should also refer to some realistic and easy-to-follow moving hacks which will save you not just time but hassle and money, eventually!

So here we have for you some of those extraordinary tips that you can check out to loosen up a bit and enjoy the process.

• Compare to save on the move

Avoid spending mindlessly on your move. The hard-earned money in your pocket and bank account is not meant to be spent that way. You may be conducting life’s most expensive event but there are ways to save money on your move. You must acquaint yourself with some of those money-saving moving hacks and pro advice from the internet to move within budget. And it all begins with finding a suitable, cost-saving deal after ample research and assessment.

• Choose the moving services well

Now the moment you will go through the available moving options with the moving companies, you will at first be a bit confused because selecting a suitable moving deal and shortlisting the desired moving services is quite a tricky task. You do not know what that particular service will assure you and you cannot blindly rely on what has been mentioned on the website, right. So, you should speak to the moving associate/representative before you give your consent to a deal.

• Reserve ample cash for the move

Relocations are one of the most high-priced events that one ever experiences in his lifetime. Consequently, it sees the involvement of surplus finances. Starting from the time when a moving contract is signed to when professional moving services are chosen, to finally when the moving insurance is purchased and the multitude of additional expenses that one has to pay for throughout the moving duration – every stage calls for money. So, keeping aside a satisfactory amount of cash becomes primal.

• Clean every area of your house

Packing untidy households and messy rooms makes the packing task a big, big struggle. You fail to find your things and often end up packing things you could have easily avoided. All of this happens to owe to the improper management of your household. So, the first thing one should do soon after a move gets finalized is cleaning. Cleaning and sorting will give you some idea of the amount of stuff you have and the section of it you will move.

• Plants and pets call for pro care

If you own a pet and you have a beautiful nursery at your house with delicate plants and pots, you should think of a way to get them transported to your new home safely if you have decided to get the latter moved. Many people often leave behind these pots only to give them away to their neighbors or their friends because their move involves quite a few considerations. But for either of those, hiring professional services is recommended.

• Pack stemware items sensibly

Wine glasses, goblets, champagne flutes, etc., and other glassware items we have in our homes that we occasionally bring to use should be given extra care at this point. You can either choose to pack these flimsy glassware items at the beginning or you should handle them at the end, once all your basic household packing is done. Stemware packing involves the incorporation of top-class packing materials including corrugated boxes and quality cushioning materials. So, bring them to use to ensure optimum safety of your stemware.

• Oversee everything personally

Assigning the moving responsibility to the professionals is fair enough but keeping a check on everything and every aspect, like the packing quality, storage needs, assessment of the cartons and the loading and unloading process of the moving boxes must be handled by the customer and in your case, by you if you are supervising things for your move. Check if every moving carton is labeled and that the fragile items’ boxes are distinctly labeled. Lastly, referring to the inventory is a must.

• Pick colored labels for packing

As we mentioned, the labeling must be worked out sensibly. You can label your moving cartons just as you want. You can use colored labels or you can use plain name labels marked with particular details like the items packed in the box, the destination room, and handling instructions. Using waterproof labels is a good idea to ensure the texts written on them remain intact even if they are exposed to moisture or water. Using numbers for labeling is also fine.

• Do not discard all old bedding

Here is a wonderful tip that you can observe if you are concerned about your fragile belongings. Though you will have all the essential packing materials with you for the packing task at the time of packing, you can also make clever use of your existing household items, especially the old bedding items including bed sheets, bedcovers, pillow covers, towels, etc. for cushioning purpose. Do not discard them straight away. Use them to cushion your stuff and cut down moving costs and space.

• Click pictures for evaluation

If you are habitual to keeping snapshots of things, you can quite easily take care of the post-move goods rearrangement process, involving unpacking and set-up of things in the correct order. Moreover, keeping pictures of particularly the complicated items, like electronics, appliances, and other tricky items always helps especially when you are ignorant of the right techniques for doing the job. Plus, it also helps people to spot damages in case there are any, during the move.

The moving journey and the process of getting everything to reach the destination safely are quite complicated. Hiring the experts like the movers and packers in Mumbai in such a situation remains an appropriate resort. So, the next time you are nervous about your move, check out the tips and get the pros onboard.