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According to Zelensky, 31,000 soldiers have been killed in the conflict in Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion



According to Volodymyr Zelensky, the full-scale invasion that Russia has been conducting has resulted in the deaths of 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

The president of Ukraine stated that he would not disclose the number of injured individuals because doing so would facilitate the preparation of the Russian military.

Other estimates are significantly greater than the ones provided by Ukrainian officials, who typically do not make the number of casualties public.

The news comes after the minister of defense stated that half of all Western help for Ukraine has been delayed, which has resulted in the loss of life and territory.

An updated death toll was provided by Mr. Zelensky on Sunday, in reaction to the inflated figures that Russia has cited. He made this statement in response to Russia’s accusations.

This conflict has resulted in the deaths of 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Neither 300,000 nor 150,000, or whatever else Putin and his gang of liars are claiming are acceptable. All of these losses, however, constitute a significant loss for us.

Mr. Zelensky stated that tens of thousands of civilians had been killed in the regions of Ukraine that were taken by Russia, but the exact number of deaths remained unknown. He was speaking about the wider losses that had occurred during the war.

“I don’t know how many of them died, how many were killed, how many were murdered, tortured, how many were deported.”

Providing a military death toll is something that Ukraine does not do very often, and other estimates suggest that the number is significantly higher.

Officials from the United States estimated that there were as many as 120,000 injured Ukrainian soldiers and 70,000 slain Ukrainian soldiers in August.

According to Mr. Zelensky, 180,00 Russian soldiers have been killed and tens of thousands more have been injured. This information pertains to the losses sustained by Russia.

In a research that was carried out in collaboration with the website Mediazona, BBC Russian has confirmed the identities of more than 45,000 Russian service members who had passed away. On the other hand, it is estimated that the total number actually exceeds that.

According to estimates provided by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense in February, between 350,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or injured.

The speech was delivered by President Zelensky after his defense minister, Rustam Umerov, had previously criticized the Western friends of the country for the delays in the delivery of military assistance.

“At the moment, commitment does not constitute delivery,” remarked the president.

The objective of Ukraine to expel Russia from its land is currently being hampered by a number of different obstacles.

“In the mathematics of war,” Mr. Umerov stated that the lack of supplies put Ukraine at an even greater disadvantage than there already was.

“We do everything possible and impossible but without timely supply it harms us,” according to him.

The European Union (EU) had planned to send one million artillery shells by the month of March, but Germany warned in November that this plan would not be realized.

According to statements made by the European Union in January, little more than half of these would be in Ukraine by the deadline, and the amount that was promised would not be there until the end of 2024.

The paucity of armaments, according to President Zelensky, was one of the reasons why Ukraine’s widely expected counter-offensive did not begin earlier in the previous year.

After experiencing some early wins in resisting Russia after it invaded in February 2022, Kyiv has seen a number of defeats, one of which being the failure of that counter-offensive, which was predominantly unsuccessful.

In addition, Mr. Zelensky made the suggestion on Sunday that Russia was aware of the plans for the counter-offensive before it was actually implemented.

The news that Ukrainian troops had evacuated from the strategic town of Avdiivka in the east was reported the previous week. This was Moscow’s most significant victory in recent months.

In addition, Mr. Zelensky attributed this in part to the deteriorating supply of weapons from the West.

In the meantime, the administration of Vice President Joe Biden has stated that the failure of Congress to pass a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine was a contributing factor in the collapse of the town.

In a show of solidarity with Ukraine, Western leaders traveled to Kyiv on Saturday. This was done in conjunction with the country’s celebration of two years since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The announcement that Italy and Canada had inked security arrangements with Ukraine was made there. These deals were intended to strengthen assistance for Ukraine until it could become a member of NATO.

Over three billion Canadian dollars, which is equivalent to less than one and a half billion pounds, was included in the transaction that Canada made.

Not only the Ukraine is struggling to find resources for its military operations, but other countries are as well. According to officials from the West, Russia is also having trouble providing military supplies, including ammunition and weapons.

“Russia’s domestic ammunition production capabilities are currently insufficient for meeting the needs of the Ukraine conflict,” a representative of the West asserted.

They went on to say that Moscow has only been able to boost its supply by searching for alternate sources of ammunition and weaponry, which does not provide a solution that is sustainable over the long run.