5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Acp Sheet Price in 2023

acp sheet price per

Architects, interior designers, design and facade consultants are increasingly choosing metal composite panels, particularly aluminium composite panels. One of the main factors why ACP is popular is its sustainability. Although designers and end users continue to favour Aludecor’s ACP sheets for all urban construction projects, there is one important worry. It is the ACP sheet price.

ACPs are unquestionably more expensive than any other accessible façade materials, including glass, wood, etc. Even while aesthetics is a major consideration, the expense of the application would be hard to justifiably explain if it were just about appearance. Let’s find out the various layers of elements that impact the aluminium composite panel price.

What are the Factors That Determine ACP Sheet Price?

Depends on the LME prices

Aluminium coil is the main raw material used in ACPs. The industries that use it the most are facades and corporate identity. The prices of these sheets have also seen a spike due to the increase in demand for ACP sheets for both commercial and residential projects. The demand-supply chain is impacted by the change in metal prices since it reduces the availability of raw materials. This affects the ACP sheet price per sq. ft.

Conversion of sheet to metal

Hindalco is the metal procurement partner of Aludecor. But before it reaches the industry, there’s an elaborate process to purify the metal so that it can be used in ACPs. It involves a chain process starting from extraction, cleaning, crushing, filtering, cooling and finally converting them into sheets. This takes a lot of time and resources and thus the overall ACP sheet price per sq ft varies from the rest of the ACP brands.

Mechanical properties of alloy

The chemical composition and the temper used for the aluminium alloys impact the cost of the ACP sheets. Whether it is the 3mm ACP sheet price, 4mm ACP sheet price, or ACP sheet 6mm price –  the type of alloy used can help in determining the cost ACP sheet price. The alloy used determines the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation capacity of the sheet. The better the metal quality, the better will be the mechanical properties of the alloy. Thus, the overall ACP sheet price has a considerable impact on the final cost of the product.


Typically, there are three types of paints used – PVDF, SDP, and FEVE. Generally speaking, the cost of paint ranges as FEVE> PVDF > SDP > Polyester (where > refers to greater than). The binder in these different paints impacts the durability, gloss, toughness, and flexibility quotient. Also, depending on whether the ACP will be used for exterior or interior applications, the paint type will be different; thus, the price would also vary.


The fire retardant quality of Aludecor’s ACP is one of its standout characteristics. The FR Core in ACPs indicates that it can undergo an endothermic reaction, when heated to breakdown, release water of hydration, quench the polymer and dilute the smoke. It absorbs the heat, resulting in higher thermal stability and a greater capacity for heat removal. Obviously, this core comes with a  price and would be different from that of other standard ACPs.