AeroInsta – Official Download Page


Aero Insta is a modified version of Instagram. The most popular social media app for sharing photos and videos on the web today, it has millions of users. It is used by hundreds of thousands of users every day. They upload their favorite pictures and comment on all posts in their friends’ feeds. This is not only a way to stay in touch with friends, but also a way to network with millions of other people online.

You can download the Aero Insta APK below. However, before you do, make sure that you know how to use this modded Instagram app on your Android device. Aero Insta has similar features to Instagram Plus. Instagram Plus also includes security and privacy tabs.

AeroInsta APK download

Aero Insta APK developer details, including the number of downloads and version information. Directly download Aero Insta 2020 edition with extreme mods. Install the app carefully by following the instructions. You can download GB Instagram, Instagram Xtreme, and this version as well as Official Instagram to the same device.


Insta Aero mods are installed in two different ways on one Android phone. The apps are identical and can be used on the same Android device. Download Aero Insta now from the link above. Follow the installation instructions to install it without error. Install the Aero Insta application on your device and log in using your credentials. For security reasons, Aero Insta does not allow login through Facebook.

What is Aero Insta HTML0?

Aero Insta, a modified Instagram app, allows users to save images and videos on their device. This application helps users maintain their privacy by disabling “message viewed”, “stories viewed”, “hide typed information” and more. This modded version of the app allows you to download stories.

More Features Of Aero Insta

Hide liked posts

Ability of hiding the posts that you liked previously.

Video Autoplay

Ability to enable/disable video autoplay.

Always show first media

The ability for posts to always display the first media.

Double tap to like

Ability to enable or disable likes through double tapping.

Download images with a Triple Tap

By tapping any post three times on your device, the image is downloaded.

Long-tap to zoom

View any post that has full-screen image content. While viewing full-screen posts, you can zoom in or out using finger gestures.

Don’t crop stories

The ability for stories to be shared without being cropped according to screen width.

Remove Black Borders

Ability to remove black borders from stories.

Disable auto-skipping stories

Ability to disable the auto-skipping of the stories.

In-App Browser

The capability to set links on Insta that open in browsers on your device and not within the app.

Swipe for navigation

Ability to enable/disable swiping left to right in order to open the camera, or left to right in order to open DM.

High-quality photos

Ability to stop Insta compressing photos.

Does a User Follow You or Not?

A user’s profile can tell you if they are following you.

Hide Ads

Hides regular and shopping ads from your stories and feed.