AI technology: 6 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been known for its unmatched potential to help businesses make the most of data. Given this consideration, it comes as no surprise that AI plays a crucial role in transforming online digital marketing services of the day. Numbers suggest that 80% of industry experts already use AI to enhance their online marketing efforts.     

AI applications now have the potential to revolutionize conventional digital marketing while enhancing the effectiveness of a business’s marketing efforts. However, there still remains much confusion about how AI is used in digital marketing. 

So, let’s do away with this confusion with a better look at different ways a modern digital marketing agency can use AI to its advantage.  

Different Ways AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing For The Good

AI technology can help marketers leverage and combine intelligent digital elements with human ingenuity. As a result, this will help marketers get much better marketing results with relatively less input. Let’s check out how marketers use AI to enhance online digital marketing services.  

  • AI Chatbots 

Digitization has made businesses more accessible to customers, making it even more challenging for businesses to respond to all queries effectively. As a result, this further hampers the business’s relationship with customers contributing to more detrimental effects. However, AI chatbots are one of the best solutions for effectively addressing this issue.    

AI chatbots can help businesses enhance customer service while reducing the support team’s workload. Besides, these AI chatbots also play a crucial role in conversing with customers and driving far better engagement. This also helps increase the overall time a customer spends on your website, contributing to better SEO performance. Some common AI chatbots used for digital marketing are MobileMonkey, HubSpot Conversations, and Octane AI.

Another innovative application of AI chatbots in online digital marketing services is analyzing existing data and determining valuable insights. For instance, marketers can use the potential of these chatbots to determine relevant trends and enhance marketing efforts accordingly. Lastly, AI chatbots can help marketers drive better lead generation by collecting phone numbers and email addresses. 

  • Customer Journey Mapping

Businesses have customers and customers have their unique journeys with businesses. A customer journey is the sum of activities done by a customer from the time they land on your business website to when they make a purchase. It includes the entire process, interactions, and experiences that a customer goes through while engaging with your brand, including different touch points like ads, website visits, social media engagement, purchase, etc. With customer journey mapping, you can gain insights into the behavior of your customer during this process. You can tap into their preferences and pain points to optimize your marketing strategies and boost customer experience. 

There are specialized tools for customer journey mapping built by digital giants that seek help from AI to provide exceptional results and analysis reports. To name some, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce Customer 360, are some of the best ones. 

  • Enhanced Promotional Personalization  

One of the best things about using AI is the technology’s potential to understand each customer based on their preferences, history, and behaviors. Accordingly, it becomes easier for businesses and marketers to provide customers with relevant promotional incentives, discounts, and more. For instance, suppose a customer has abandoned their cart; then I can send a targeted email to the customer and persuade them to go through with the purchase.  

Besides, AI can also help businesses and marketers access better insights into a customer’s future behavior. This will provide them with more focused results that further help curate better marketing tactics for the future and hence drive better promotions. AI can help businesses provide customers with the right emails or messages at the right time to enhance the campaign’s effectiveness.    

  • AI-Driven CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the latest tactics to drive better customer engagement. CRM tactics or solutions are designed to help businesses find all necessary information about their customers and shape their marketing tactics accordingly. AI-driven CRM strategies and solutions can make it much easier to collect all relevant customer information and filter them to access more accurate insights.       

Regardless of their scale or nature, most businesses are now using AI-driven CRM tools and strategies to adopt a more customer-centric approach. This helps businesses get into granular details, such as the products or services a specific customer might be interested in. As a result, it becomes much easier to access the right customer data with far better efficiency and efficacy. 

But more importantly, AI-driven CRM solutions can help businesses get better clarity on all customers’ specific needs and requirements. This makes it much easier to access the right leads and convert them into paying customers with a sale. One of the best examples of AI-driven CRM applications is evident when you use platforms such as Spotify.  

  • AI-Driven Content Marketing  

Content is one of the most important elements of modern online digital marketing services. Until now, most businesses were heavily reliant on content marketing service providers to access high-quality content for their websites. However, this seems to be changing as more businesses and marketers use AI to meet their content requirements. Businesses are now using AI for better and more efficient content generation to boost the overall performance of their campaigns.     

AI-driven content creation tools such as ChatGPT can help businesses and marketers get far better results while spending fewer resources. This means access to better content while saving much more time and money. Many such social media marketing agencies already use AI-driven content creation tools to create more engaging social media posts.  

Also, other businesses are choosing AI-driven content creation tools to drive better customization based on user behavior. More personalized customer feedback can always go a long way in driving better engagement. Another great reason businesses and marketers use AI-driven content creation tools is to rid content of spelling and grammatical errors. Tools such as Grammarly have been helping content creators for much longer with the potential of AI. 

  • AI in User Experience (UX)

User experience is another significant element of an effective digital marketing strategy. Conventionally, most UX designs were heavily reliant on human intervention to access better results. But this is changing now as more and more AI tools and models are getting better at creating the user experience for customers. 

Many popular digital platforms, including YouTube, are already experimenting with AI models to offer better user experience. These AI models constantly learn and collect data based on user interaction with a specific platform. 

This helps these models guess users’ preferences and make recommendations accordingly. As a result, each user gets a unique experience while using a similar platform.    

The Bottom Line

Technological evolution is a continual process, and AI application in digital marketing is still in its infancy stage. However, it is worth acknowledging that this AI-driven evolution and transformation will not take very long. 

Therefore, online digital marketing service providers must learn to adapt to these developments at the earliest. Hence, consider the aforementioned information and find ways to use AI to enhance digital marketing efforts. Embrace the AI-driven marketing solutions and unlock the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement for the success of your digital marketing campaigns.